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Womens Environmental Network LogoIt’s an inescapable truth. With the world’s current rate of consumption we need three planets to sustain our wants and needs. And the rate of consumption is set to increase to five planets when the population breaks through the nine billion barrier by 2040. According to recent research, 66% of those affected by climate-related disasters in developing economies are women. And closer to home, our urban communities become more fragmented and people lose contact with simple pleasures like communal outside spaces and growing their own food.

We need to change the way we live and consume.

It would be easy to become frustrated that not enough is being done…  but did you know that across the UK there is a network of women-led groups who, every day, take conscious actions to consume less, to use resources more effectively, to raise awareness at grass roots levels about climate change and to engage women and men in community-based projects such as allotments and orchards?

Welcome to the Women’s Environmental Network.


Women’s Environmental Network is the only organisation in the UK working consistently for women and the environment.  Central to our approach is the belief that women have the right to information to enable them to make fair choices. For more than two decades we have had a track record of being the first to raise awareness on issues, especially those concerning women’s health and reproductive systems.

What Do We Do? A great deal!

  • we speak at national and international conferences and are invited to respond formally to government policy and proposed legislation.
  • we support local community groups across the country,
  • we work with minority ethnic groups who want to grow fruit and vegetables,
  • we research and educate on health, sanitary care, climate change and beauty products,
  • we lobby and campaign on environmental justice,
  • we partner with like-minded organisations on key issues,
  • we provide education and training and
  • we empower women to make positive choices that benefit their families, their communities and our planet.

Support WEN

In the 20+ years WEN has been campaigning for environmental justice on behalf of women and men, we have been proud to inspire and be inspired by so many people who share our passions.

This is why you can be as proud to become part of WEN:

  1. Campaigning on issues that members feel passionately about – climate change, sustainability, local and organic food, women’s rights and empowerment.
  2. WEN links women from different backgrounds and builds solidarity amongst women – WEN groups, members, projects, staff, volunteers, trustees, matrons.
  3. Gives women confidence and practical ways to take action on environmental issues, which can impact other areas of their/our lives.
  4. We are a feminist organisation and feminist principles underpin our work.
  5. WEN is innovative and groundbreaking and is not afraid to tackle taboo subjects.

Join us today and inspire others too!

By becoming a WEN member you have the opportunity to get actively involved with our work.


When you join you will receive a WEN Welcome pack, featuring briefings on a wide range of topics covering health, climate change, waste, and local food-growing, and our popular free WEN fairly traded cotton bag.  We send regular updates to our members via our regular WEN E-newsletter. Joining also entitles you to some discounts, information about the campaigns you are interested in, and the chance to get involved in local groups.


WEN is the only environmental group in the UK which represents women. We provide an authoritative and accurate voice on many environmental and health issues, including climate change. WEN work locally, nationally and internationally with a growing network of like-minded groups, organisations and individuals informing, educating and empowering women and men who care about the environment. As an Affiliate member of WEN you will receive our regular WEN E-newsletter updating you on our current campaigns and get reduced rates on consultancy on many environmental issues.

Contact Details:

Tel: +44 (0)20 7481 9004
Fax: +44 (0)20 7481 9144
General Enquiries: [email protected]
Media Enquiries: Please call if enquiry is urgent otherwise email [email protected]

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