Women’s Equality Party to organise a nationwide ‘Women’s Day Off’

Women's Equality Party

The Women’s Equality Party (WE) is organising a nationwide women’s day off.

Coinciding with the centenary of the Representation of the People Act, the event will be held in 2018 and aims to showcase the value of female labour and change attitudes to gender equality.

The event follows the original Women’s Day Off held in Iceland in 1975. During this day, women took time off from both paid and unpaid work in order to demonstrate the value of their labour and tackle national attitudes to gender equality.

The effect was immediate: sexist attitudes became unacceptable overnight, and Iceland now boast a proud record of pushing attitudinal and policy change, and boosting female representation.

Catherine Mayer, co-founder of the Women’s Equality Party, said, “Canvassing for the Women’s Equality Party ahead of our first elections in May 2016, I realised people had no idea how a gender-equal society would look – because there is no such society anywhere in the world.”

“The Women’s Equality Party, of which I am a proud co-founder, is organising the UK’s first Women’s Day Off, to be held next year.”

“WE held our first meetings with other organisations last year and enthusiasm for the idea is phenomenal.”

“WE believe this will have the same seismic effect on attitudes to gender equality in this country, and will be announcing more detailed plans soon.”

Sophie Walker, leader of the party added, “I was proud to march alongside tens of thousands of people in London last month, who all saw the need for urgent change in attitudes towards gender equality.”

“Our Women’s Day Off in 2018 will show the value of women’s economic contributions, as well as underline the crucial role women play in holding together families, communities and industries.”

“It is only when this is truly valued that women will be judged equally alongside men.”

“Our day will be an historic moment.”

“It will change British culture for good.”

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