Women’s Equality Party to target first Westminster seats in snap election

Women's Equality Party

The Women’s Equality Party have announced that it will target its first Westminster seats in the snap General Election.

The party welcomed Prime Minister Theresa May’s decision to call a snap election and will announce its target seats shortly.

As a result of the party’s campaign, the leadership contest has been postponed. The party was due to hold its first leadership election in June, following a motion at its first Party Conference in November 2016 to move to an official structure.

The party has decided to postpone the leadership election so that it can focus all its efforts on winning its first Westminster seats.

Party President, Catherine Mayer said, “This General Election is taking place on a tidal wave of change and the Women’s Equality Party will seize the opportunity in this turbulence to shape a politics that benefits everyone.”

“People are tired of the binaries of Right-Left, Brexit-Remain, Tory-Labour.”

“We are going to deliver an alternative that puts social justice and equality at the forefront and leaves old politics racing to catch up.”

“The Women’s Equality Party stormed its first elections in May 2016, winning more than 350,000 votes just months after its inception.”

“The decisive campaigns of the EU Referendum and election of President Trump have propelled the Party forwards and we are optimistic about winning our first parliamentary seats.”

“Voters are desperate for an alternative.”

Theresa May announced plans for an early general election, which will take place on 8 June.

May has described the decision as one of “reluctance” but argued that the country needs a “strong and stable leadership” to get through Brexit and beyond.

Members of Parliament will vote on the proposed election, with the Labour Party already confirming that they will vote with the government.

Sophie Walker, leader of the Women’s Equality Party said, “I will lead this Party into the 2017 election determined to speak for and stand with women for all backgrounds so that our glorious diversity powers a new period of prosperity and optimism.”

“Women paid for austerity.”

“They should not pay for Brexit.”

“Looking after our own” means offering chances and choices to women, including those who come to this country looking for a better life.”

“It means rejecting repellent legislation like the rape clause, undoing the damage of paltry personal independence payments and stopping the abuse and detention of refugees.”

“It means protecting women’s rights and hard-won freedoms to expect equal pay, pregnancy protections and part-time workers’ rights.”

Walker concludes, “WE can’t wait any longer to make women’s voices heard.”

“WE can’t wait for this election.”

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