Women’s Forum Northern Ireland

Women in harmony achieving change

Women’s Forum Northern Ireland is an “umbrella” body for women’s organisations in the Province. Currently, it continues to represent a broad range of constituent organisations and hence approaching 100,000 women across Northern Ireland.

It is an apolitical and anti-sectarian voluntary organisation which seeks to enhance the role and influence of women in the life of our society, to empower individuals to achieve change and to promote equality of opportunity for women. This is reflected in the Mission Statement: “Women in Harmony – Achieving Change” and in the current Aims and Objectives.

To date, Women’s Forum Northern Ireland receives no grant from Government or elsewhere. All funds come from the annual membership fees of the constituent organisations. Fund-raising can only be undertaken to provide limited financial support for women delegates being sent to represent the Forum at international conferences and/or seminars.

The appointed representatives co-operate to serve at both community and provincial levels. Many have given devotion, commitment and service over many years, sometimes at cost to their private lives and family life, working without public recognition or acclaim.

Women’s groups form a very important part of the social fabric of Northern Ireland. In particular, to date they have played a major role in the peace process here. In this challenging time, Women’s Forum Northern Ireland holds the belief that women’s groups have a unique opportunity to make a major contribution to ensuring that the voices of women are heard in the search to find a lasting settlement and thereafter to serve society in every way possible.

Contact Details:
Anne King
Telephone: 028 9446 0251
Email: [email protected]

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