Women’s increasing financial independence – Your opinion is needed!

woman-moneyHello, I am a freelance journalist writing for various national newspapers. I am interested in writing a piece on women’s increasing financial independence in the context of news stories around women having separate accounts from their husbands/partners and accounts that their husbands/partners don’t know about.

I’d like to interview women who are prepared to be identified by name and photo – about why they have separate accounts. I am especially interested in speaking to women who have private accounts or whose husbands/partners are not privy to their financial arrangements. I would also like to speak to women who had joint accounts and regretted it, or to women who were or are financially dependent on their husbands/partners and regret it.

The piece aims to raise awareness amongst women of why many women are seeking to be financially independent and why having separate and private financial arrangements is empowering.

If you can help with this piece please contact me on [email protected]

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