Women’s top priority in life is to set up their own business and become financially independent

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Women’s top priority in life is to set up their own business and become financially independent, according to a new study.

The research, conducted by the Open University, found that 67 per cent of women are most driven by career and financial goals.

The poll revealed a strong appetite amongst young people to own their own businesses and gain financial independence.

According to the study, 92 per cent of young people aspire to become entrepreneurs, while ‘softer’ life goals such as falling in love, writing a novel, or becoming a reality star rank the lowest on the priority list.

Most millennials surveyed had already, or would consider a ‘side hustle’ venture, using creative websites, blogs, e-commerce platforms, and social media, such as eBay, Facebook, Amazon, Instagram and Gumtree.

In a stark contrast to the younger generation, 43 per cent of older people polled stated that they wouldn’t consider starting up their own business as it would be “too much of a struggle” or due to “a lack of support”.

The survey also revealed that confidence and concern about a lack of required skills and support network to fully start up their own business were cited as the main reasons why people hadn’t started their own businesses – with 58 per cent of people citing this reason.

Chloe Burroughs, OU graduate and entrepreneur said, “I always wanted to run my own business, however, I felt that my lack of skills and education would be a stumbling block from achieving my goals.”

“I was bright at school but struggled to keep up with my workload at Sixth Form.”

“I didn’t step up my effort and my final grades made me believe I must not be very smart.”

“However, studying with the OU a few years later made me realise I could achieve anything if I put in the effort.”

“Since enrolling I have never looked back.”

“Using the skills I learned on my business degree, I’m now running my own study skills business alongside my full-time role as a Personal Assistant at an aeronautics company, to help students like me who want to achieve higher grades with lower stress.”

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