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About Helene Lerner – Founder

For more than two decades, Helene has been addressing the concerns of contemporary women. As a prolific author, independent public television host, Emmy Award-winning executive producer and Fortune 500 workplace consultant, she covers a wide array of women’s issues—from breaking barriers and work-life balance, to health and wellness, to relationships and building self-esteem. Under the umbrella of Creative Expansions, Inc. the company she founded in 1994, Lerner has produced more than 20 televised specials and received American Public Television’s (APT) “MVP” award for her outstanding contributions to public television. She is also the author of nine books including Smart Women Take Risks: 6 Steps for Conquering Your Fears and Making the Leap to Success; Time for Me: A Burst of Energy for Busy Women; and What Makes a Strong Woman?

Helene began her work life as a teacher in the New York City public school system. Using her natural business instincts, she later pursued a career in sales and marketing during the 1980s, working her way up through the ranks of The New York Times. Early in her career, Lerner also successfully fought a significant weight problem that transformed her life both professionally and personally and fueled a passion to empower other women.

She launched her own company to independently develop media with the common denominator of providing women with what she once lacked: the support and information needed to overcome obstacles and make the most of their lives.

In addition to her collection of books and television specials, Helene maintains a private practice coaching individuals and groups on tools to increase their power.

She also advises corporations on leadership and diversity issues, spearheads panels, and delivers keynotes on a variety of related topics. A member of Phi Beta Kappa, Lerner holds an MBA from Pace College and a Masters of Education from City College in New York City where she currently resides.

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