Work+Family Survey

Do you have a career AND family to take care of?

Making work and family work can be challenging at the best of times, and even the most high-flying of us have moments of guilt, frustration and self-doubt. We all wonder whether we’re the only ones facing particular challenges and ‘How on earth do other people do it?

Our partners My Family Care have created this survey to help us all understand the challenges you face, how you make things work and where you struggle on both the work and home fronts. It looks at all the ‘stakeholders’ or team members that help you keep the show on the road.

In the spirit of sisterhood, we can then share successes, tips and advice on making things work. Everything from the tiniest niggles, the low brow practical challenges to keeping a valuable career on track.

We’ve tried to keep the survey as straightforward as possible and REALLY appreciate you taking the time to complete it. You can whiz through it in under 10 minutes, or you may wish to spend longer, go into more detail and you’ll probably find it enlightening and cathartic!! Either way, we’ll send you a detailed Insider Guide with Top Tips on managing smart, flexible working around family, as a Thank You.

Early next year we’ll be running a webinar with My Family Care experts looking at ways to address the things you tell us that don’t work and we’ll share the results of the survey with you even if you can’t make the webinar.

Rest assured that we value your privacy and all results will be completely anonymous.

Please click here to take the survey.

How to win at work+family FREE webinar

On January 23rd 2013 we’ll be sharing the survey results and all of the challenges, help and advice that respondents provide. We’ve also put together a panel of friendly high achievers who also have family responsibilities. They’ll be sharing their experiences (the good and the bad), what works for them, and the all-important ‘what I wish I’d known then’. Click here to find out more.

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