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WOW-Alison-LauraWho are we?

A Scottish girl, born and bred, Alison studied Law and left the Highlands to become a London city slicker. A French girl, raised in London, Barbara studied Politics before converting to Law. They met at Law school and worked their way up the corporate ladder. With an in depth knowledge of the City, from working in International Banks to International Law Firms, Barbara and Alison soon spotted a gap and a need in this active and dynamic market. Barbara as a busy mother of two little ones and Alison as an active working lawyer, soon realised how much the they missed their regular workout and taking care of their body. This is how it all started…

WOW-articleimageWhy Workout@Work?

We set up Workout@Work because once we started our working life in the City, our gym membership cards became a little dusty. If only the gym could come to us we thought…

Being busy with life, work, children, family and friends “me time” often runs out, or drops down the priority list. In the long run we all need to take time to care about ourselves. Fact.  So after struggling and running around for a little while we took action! W@W offers a great solution to work life balance and an opportunity to enjoy the precious “me time”.

Savvy employers understand that a healthy, happy workforce is a more productive one. Flexible and work-compatible, W@W offers employees a range of wellness related activities in their office including yoga, pilates, indoor golf, trim and tone, mindfulness, massage, manicures and more. Employees book online and W@W organises the rest. All we need is a suitable space for the activity to take place in – such as a meeting room, canteen or open office space. W@W is happy to offer activities pre work, at lunch times or post work depending on your firm’s needs.


Limited offer open to members of We are the City: 1 Free Yoga Class or Trim and Tone and 10 free manicures in your office for the first 10 applicants only. Get in touch now!

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Please get in touch by emailing [email protected] or [email protected].

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