Workplace pride – how to support LGBTQ+ employees 

LGBT history month, workplace pride

During LGBTQ+ History Montha month long observance of LGBT history and the history of the gay rights and related civil rights movements – Vicky Walker, Group Director of People at Westfield Health, shares four tips to help businesses create a more inclusive workplace.  

Workplace policies and hiring procedures 

It’s vital that all company guidelines and hiring procedures are clear of discrimination. Organisations can’t discriminate based on gender or sexual orientation under the Equality Act 2010, but it’s also important to consider how you can proactively support people to create an inclusive workplace.  

Publicly showing support for the community is an excellent way to attract LGBTQ+ talent. Candidates like to research potential employers; those passionate about diversity and inclusion will want to see evidence of where you stand on social issues.   

Therefore, you should consider your company’s LGBTQ+ inclusivity agenda. For example, championing the awareness month both internally and externally, making resources available to create a workplace where LGBTQ+ employees feel valued and partnering with relevant charities are good ways to express support. 

Educate your staff  

Providing employees with training is another great way to encourage inclusivity in the workplace. Whether that’s offering unconscious bias training programmes for all members of staff, or holding team meetings with LGBTQ+ speakers, these sessions will educate employees on the correct terms to use and allow them to better understand the LGBTQ+ community.  

Getting employees involved in team-building volunteer work will increase brand recognition amongst LGBTQ+ talent, improve job satisfaction and help employee retention. 

Words matter 

Employers should also make sure they use gender-neutral language during the recruitment process and review any policies put in place to ensure that they are inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community.

Making information about your support and commitment to diversity easily accessible for staff will also ensure everyone is up to date with the policies put in place.

Celebrate Pride Awareness  

Whether your teams are in the office or working remotely, celebrating with Pride-theme treats and activities is a great way to show support. For instance, encourage staff to make rainbow-themed baked goods or decorate the office with flags and banners. It’s a great way to celebrate Pride Awareness month and help to boost employee morale and support your LGBTQ+ employees.  

If unsure about what will work for your organisation, you can conduct surveys beforehand to ensure that the way you celebrate Pride Month is the best way for your people. 

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