07/07/2016 – Workshop Emerging Leaders: What next?

Are you clear on how to lead? Do you sometimes find that others don’t respond as you expect? Would you love to have more impact on those around you?

In this workshop our experienced coach, herself a former business leader, will show you how to get clear on what you stand for, recognise the impact your leadership style has on others, and develop your personal style to become an authentic and compelling leader.

During the workshop you will:
  • Define what leadership means to you
  • Uncover the leadership qualities that you already own
  • Identify key activities that leaders should undertake
  • Practise some of the skills that make good leaders
  • By the end of the workshop you will:
  • Articulate and own your leadership style
  • Have greater confidence in your leadership skills
This workshop is for you if:

You currently have some leadership responsibility, or are aspiring to move into a leadership role within the next year

You would love to develop your effectiveness as a leader so as to:

Boost your confidence
Increase your impact on your colleagues
Enhance your prospects for career progression

Event Details:

Location: London – TBC

Date: 7th July 2016

Time: 9:30 am – 13:30 pm

Price: £240.00


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