Would A Private Matchmaking Service Work?


With the Younger ones Throwing Tantrums and the Older ones just Ticking Boxes, I have been toying with the idea of trying a much more private matchmaking service to see if this could help narrow the universe down slightly. I’m just spending way too much time (and there is not a lot of this in a day) meeting guys that look great in principle but fall through the cracks soon afterwards due to a character flaw or some nasty behaviour that totally contradict my values

I am by no means assuming that the guys from matchmaking services are saints or that things will smoothly work out from through to the end,  for some  things just can’t  be rushed. However if what I’m being told is true, then I do hope to reduce the number of wannabe and don’t wannawait kinda guys, right?  According to my die hard research, the matchmaking experts will do all the ‘leg work’ involved in selecting and arranging dates with guys who closely match what I am looking! They will go through their large database to match me with a guy based on my selection criteria. I know this all sounds very mechanical and all, but all I’m trying to do here is to reduce the the time I waste with guys who speaks their way into dates but fail to deliver on substance!

So I’ve trolled through quite a lot of these and spoken with a few of these so called matchmaking experts,  right from those who claim to match on wealth only through to those who match on more humane qualities like values,  and I think I’ve found the one that may be suitable. Apparently I will get my own matchmaking expert, who will call me first hand to tell me about the person they have chosen for me. Their choice of course will be based on information that I will supply at the initial interview.  If I am happy with their choice, then they will go ahead and arrange the date for me and will even cover things like getting us to agree the actual date and time (which for me could be a struggle to organise) and the restaurant too. I like that idea already. They also promise not to exchange my contact details with this other person before the date except of course giving me a description of the guy! That sounds all great to me!

I haven’t used this sort of service before and not sure that they will actually do what they say they will do but I sure do hope that the whole principle works out in the end.

Of course I will keep you posted on my progress, when I get on with this programme. In the meantime if you do wish to know which one of these matchmaking services that I have chosen then feel free to contact me via my email below for more info. I’m also more than happy to hear your thoughts on these match making services

email: [email protected]

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