Would you buy a fake designer handbag?

Those of you who splashed out on your very first designer handbag over a decade ago will have noticed that in the last 10 years prices have increased considerably. Most now cost in excess of £1000, the highly coveted Chanel 2.55’s retail for well over £2000 and a Hermes bag can fetch tens of thousands of pounds depending on what skins are used. With the recession giving way to a newfound frugality, the temptation to buy a fake is perhaps far greater than ever before. But is it right and would you want to?

Given that there are now far better ways to own a covetable piece of arm candy fashion lovers should think twice before they falter.

Here are 5 reasons not to buy fake!

1. Fake handbags are often sold by organized crime. This means that your money is enriching career criminals and may even fund terrorism.

2. Fake designer handbags are usually produced in countries that use child labor. Quite often these children are working in appalling conditions.

3. It is illegal to sell or buy fake designer handbags. Your fake designer handbag could be confiscated and destroyed, so you stand to lose the bag and the money.

4. You are not buying quality you’re getting ripped off! Fake designer handbags are made with poor craftsmanship using inferior materials. The makers of fake designer handbags are only concerned with the superficial appearance not the quality.

5. When you invest in an authentic designer handbag, it not only retains it’s value, but in some cases can appreciate over time. Which means that buying authentic goods can be a true investment.

If saving up for a real designer bag seems like hard work check out brands like Kors by Micheal Kors and Marc by Mark Jacobs who have fab designs at more affordable prices or get frugal and go preloved!

Written by Kal Di Paola.

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