Would you like to send a care parcel to a British soldier this Christmas? WATC supports SOS Christmas appeal

WeAreTheCity is supporting the charity Support Our Soldiers (SOS), this year, in its Christmas campaign to send care parcels to British Armed Forces serving overseas and we would like your help.

SOS was formed in March 2003 and has since sent over 130,000 morale boosting care parcels to those on the frontline. The charity has also helped countless families through difficult times with their loved ones away on tour.

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SOS supports all of the Armed Services and all ranks within. It also works closely with the medical teams in Afghanistan and the UK to provide support for the injured.

Throughout November WeAreTheCity is acting as a drop off point for parcels put together by the public and we are calling on you to put together care packages yourself, or donate items to be included in others.

Care/welfare packages are much appreciated by members of our Armed Forces serving on overseas operations, because they represent the support and goodwill of people other than their own families. The parcels let them know that the UK appreciates their hard work and supports them whilst overseas.

We are calling on you as individuals or businesses to find shoeboxes and fill them with goodies for our Armed Forces to enjoy this Christmas. There are however some very important points to note before sending a care parcel.

Parcels MUST be sent to named personnel only yet the details of service personnel cannot be given out UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Parcels CANNOT be sent to ‘A Soldier’ or ‘Any Soldier’ and any addressed in this way may be returned to sender.

Therefore, all parcels must be checked and posted on your behalf by your local SOS Area Coordinator, who will collect your parcels from WeAreTheCity, Warren House, 10-20 Main Road, Hockley, Essex, SS5 4QS.

SOS and the MOD leave December free for family to send post to their loved ones serving overseas, so all boxes must reach us by the DEADLINE OF NOVEMBER 28th to be posted on time.

Suggested Parcel Items

Below is a list of suggested parcel items but this is not by any means definitive.

Parcels MUST weigh no more than 2kg including all packaging. All parcels are opened and checked before posting, for security reasons, so please do not seal your boxes.

We are NOT ALLOWED to send aerosols, glass, batteries, Christmas crackers, party poppers, lighters or matches.

We recommend that you include a variety of items; these are far nicer to receive than for example a box containing just toiletries. For the Christmas campaign please also consider Santa hats, Christmas cake, decorations, etc and a Christmas card with a personal note to thank our brave servicemen and women.

Please write on your box MALE, FEMALE or UNISEX depending on the items included inside.

Savoury Snacks Sweet Snacks Confectionary Toiletry / Pharmacy Recreation Misc
Pringles Biscuits Chocolate Bars Shower Gel Puzzle Books Boot Laces
Stock Cubes Fruit/Cereal Bars Travel Sweets Conditioner Paperback Books Blank Greetings Cards
Noodles Small Cakes Mints Sanitary Protection Pencils Message of Support
Savoury Rice Packets Custard Energy Sweets Lip Salve Pens Underwear
Beef Jerky Condensed Milk Chocolate Peanuts Tissues Artists Paints T Shirts
Pork Scratching’s Evaporated Milk Love Hearts etc Travel Wash Notebooks Socks/Undies
Nuts Shortbread Chocolate Raisins Talcum Powder Batteries
Crisps Dried Fruit Fudge Wet/Moist Wipes Sketch Books
Packet Soups Small Tins Fruit Fruit Pastilles etc Shaving Gel Jigsaws
Crackers Fruit Flakes Toffee Shampoo Travel Games
Oatcakes Lollipops Cotton Buds Playing Cards
Chewing Gum Imodium Sport Programmes
Toothbrushes Magazines (NOT TOP SHELF)
Insect Repellant
Roll on Deodorant

Any questions please contact the Essex Area Coordinator Kayleigh Bateman at [email protected] who can provide details of an alternative drop off point in Rayleigh.

Support Our Soldiers is Registered Charity No 1120684

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