How to write an effective CV

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Putting together a successful CV can seem like a daunting task, but it’s easy once you know how. We’ve come up with some top tips to help you get started, and to make sure you bag your next dream job.

Focus on you

This may sound obvious, but it’s easy to get carried away with including what your current company does on your CV, rather than the role you do for the company. Tailor the CV to each individual job you apply for.

For each relevant role or internship, include five personal achievements, starting with the one you think is most impressive. Writing your achievements this way also makes it easier to remember back in an interview situation.

Make it look good

With the job market as competitive as it is, anything you can do to stand out is a bonus. A well-designed, thought through CV is much more likely to catch the eye of a prospective employee, as well as giving you an extra chance to show off your Office skills.

Keep it concise

There’s no need to go overboard with your cover letter – the punchier the better. One short page that covers why you’re applying for the job, your relevant experience and an action point to follow up on your application should be enough to get a pair of eyes on your CV.

And once you do get that all-important call confirming your interview, don’t forget to…

Practice, practice, practice

It’s now increasingly likely that you’ll be asked to prepare a presentation prior to your interview – especially if you’re applying for a client facing role.

Of course, it’s natural to feel nervous about the prospect of presenting to a room full of strangers but don’t let that put you off. Take the time to make sure you know your presentation inside out, and don’t leave it to chance on the day – upload your presentation to OneDrive, rather than solely relying on a USB stick.

Finally, take a few deep breathes & be yourself – good luck!

Microsoft Office & Currys PC World have created a range of cover letter, CV & presentation templates to help you get ahead in the job hunt.

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