How To Write The Perfect Press Release

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When it comes to PR, I always find the one thing people most want to know is how to write the perfect press release.

Many people know that a press release is an important part of a PR campaign but often they’re not sure exactly what a press release is, or how to write one.

In simple terms, a press release is a written document that is distributed to the press to inform the about your news. If the journalist thinks that your story is newsworthy, they will write a news piece or feature about it.

So getting the press release right is really important.

How To Write The Perfect Press Release

With the perfect press release you can find yourself being written about in magazines or newspapers, being interviewed on the radio, or even appearing on TV…

So how do you create an effective press release?

1. Write a winning headline

If you want to win over the journalist, then you need a winning headline. Use it to tell the journalist exactly what your story is about. It also needs to be something that makes the journalist want to read on – they’re probably receiving hundreds of press releases every day, so make sure yours is the one they read. Keep your headline brief and to-the-point whilst also making it compelling.

2. Tell your story

When you send out a press release, you need a newsworthy story. Use the release to tell the journalist all the important aspects of your story and don’t leave them trying to fill in the gaps. Ensure all the vital information is included within the release so that all their potential questions are answered.

3. Include quotes

Often a journalist will copy and paste your release into their article, so you need to essentially do their job for them. This means they may not have time to interview you, so include some of your own quotes in the release that they can add in to their article.

4. Include your contact details

If the journalist is interested in your story they will need to get in touch with you, so make sure you include your contact details. Put a link to your website so that the journalist can find out more about your business, and give your email address and phone number so that the journalist can easily contact you with any questions.

5. Send a relevant image

Include an accompanying photo with your release. This might be a nice portrait shot of yourself, images of your products, a snap of an event or open day, etc.

6. Edit your release

After you’ve written your first draft, read over it to check the spelling and grammar and to make sure it reads well. Make sure all the important info is included, but take out anything superfluous.

There you have it, how to write the perfect press release. Now all that’s left to do is to send it out to some media outlets and get that all important media coverage. Good luck!

Author Bio

Dina Behrman runs Dina Behrman CommDina pic. She has more than a decade’s experience in journalism, writing for national UK publications such as The Guardian, The Telegraph, Mail on Sunday, Daily Express, and many women’s magazines. Her DIY PR coaching packages and products help small business owners and entrepreneurs to get publicity for their businesses. Subscribe to her weekly ezine and receive her free report 7 Secrets To Generating Amazing Publicity For Your Business.

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