Yachtswoman Tracy Edwards MBE launches ‘Save Maiden’ campaign in support of female education

Tracy Edwards, Save MaidenYachtswoman Tracy Edwards MBE is fundraising to bring the yacht Maiden home to the UK whilst simultaneously raising awareness for young girls’ rights to education.

Edwards made history in 1989 after skippering the first all-female crew around the world in the beloved boat. Maiden went on to win two legs and come second overall in her class. In the same year, Edwards was the first woman to receive the Yachtsman of the Year Award.

Now 26 years on, Edwards is seeking funding to rescue the yacht, known as the thirteenth crewmember, which was abandoned on an island in the Indian Ocean. Maiden is an iconic piece of British Maritime History and once restored she will become an Ambassador for Girls’ Rights in the UK and developing countries, working alongside UN Women, I Am Girl and The Girls Network.

The rescue and restoration project, Maiden Rescue is already underway. Maiden’s 30th Anniversary celebrations will be taking place in London in September this year. In 2017, the boat will go on a complete tour of the UK and in the following year will complete a world tour.

Speaking about the project, Edwards said, “The Maiden Rescue project is very close to my heart and the journey so far has been incredible. I can’t wait for Maiden to arrive home in the UK and begin working with The Girls Network and similar organisations to bring awareness to the issues faced globally by young women.”

The Maiden Rescue Project is dedicated to bringing attention to issues faced by young girls who have little or no access to education or who live in circumstances where they are not respected or allowed to develop decent life skills.

To find out more about Edwards’ Maiden Rescue, click here.

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