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Coco Palm Bodu Hithi

Matt and I planned to book our honeymoon last minute as we had done with the venue but it just didn’t work out that way. The honeymoon is really important to us, we haven’t been on holiday for a few years because we were saving for the wedding and other bits so we wanted it to be absolutely perfect.

Coco Palm Bodu HithiOriginally we were looking at going to the Bora Bora resort which is where the film ‘Couples Retreat’ was filmed. But it was ridiculously expensive and with us paying for the wedding ourselves we simply couldn’t afford it. Plus its something like 24hrs away and I hate travelling and flying so that put me off right away. So we started looking at other options.

We’ve been to the Maldives twice now to Sun Island and Kuredu Island. Both times we had an amazing holiday and we thought why not go back to the Maldives but this time go for a 5* resort. The idea was going somewhere we knew we’d have a great time rather than picking somewhere we’d never been. That’s not to say every island is the same however most of the places in the Maldives are amazing.

We kind of thought this is going to be the most expensive holiday we EVER go on so why not just go for it.

Coco Palm Bodu HithiWe started looking at a few, checking out the last minute deals and we noticed how quickly they were being booked. It started freaking us out thinking that if we did leave it till last minute we wouldn’t have much choice. Instead we discussed pre-booking it and I was tasked with finding prices.

Its scary I’ll tell you that much. But as I said the honeymoon is one of the most important parts of the wedding journey for us, in fact I think Matt is more looking forward to the honeymoon than the wedding day! Men huh.

Coco Palm Bodu HithiMatt’s requirements were he’d like his own pool in the villa and if possible that the resort had bikes for hire. On Sun Island they let you hire bikes and its amazing just riding around the island taking in the beautiful sights, we rode around after a good few cocktails which was too funny. Some stories are better left untold I think hehe.

Finally after hours of searching and showing Matt various resorts we could go to I found the perfect place. Coco Palm Bodu Hithi. The minute I saw this I researched for ages. Checking various reviews and it just took my breath away. I then showed Matt and he was just blown away so we agreed to go there, it didn’t offer bikes but man the villas are incredible. It was over our original honeymoon budget but we both said it’s a once in a life time holiday and well worth the extra money. It was my job as always to get it all booked and sorted.

Coco Palm Bodu HithiWe re-worked the budget to accommodate before booking anything and to make sure it was realistic. Then I contacted a few companies for prices. We eventually booked with www.holidaysplease.co.uk. I dealt with a great guy called Luke Skinner who was so helpful, I must have fired 100 questions at him and he was brilliant, he’d call me or email right back. I’d highly recommend him, their customer service was second to none.

So, we’re off to Coco Palm Bodu Hithi for 2 weeks and we couldn’t be more excited. We’re going 2 days after the wedding, should give me enough time to pack I think hehe oh what shoes am I going to take?

Matt and I keep winding each other up saying who is going to get dunked in the pool more- ’m so going to win 🙂


Where to start, I guess the best place is you and your hubby to be need to be really clear about the type of holiday you want for your honeymoon. Maybe pick a few places so that if the cost is too much you have a bit of choice. Do your research before booking anything. Check reviews as they are really helpful in advising you how much things cost when you’re on holiday and of course you want to know that where your going is nice.

You can also postpone the honeymoon till a few weeks or even a few months after the wedding, there’s no rule book that says it has to be right after the wedding. Do whatever fits into your plans and above all pick somewhere you know your both going to love!

Good Luck


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