Young people and the over 40s don’t want responsibility of senior role finds WeAreTheCity research

Professionals aged 18-24 and those aged 46+ do not want the responsibility of a senior role, research conducted by WeAreTheCity has revealed.

Questioning WeAreTheCity’s audience of 250,000 visitors per month, the survey ran for one week to capture the views of working women in the UK.

WeAreTheCity asked: What are your career aspirations?

Overall, 36 per cent said they do not want the responsibility of a senior role, 28 per cent said they would like to run their own business, 20 per cent said they would like to be managing director/director/partner within their firm and 16 per cent said they would like to be on company board one day.

When broken down into age groups the most respondents who admitted they would not like the responsibility of a senior role were from the 18-24 and 46+ age brackets. This was followed by 25-30 and 31-39. The age bracket 40-45 revealed slightly more willingness in taking on a senior role.

Of those wanting to run their own business the 25-30 year olds came out on top for wanting to launch into the world of entrepreneurship.

Aspirations amongst 31-39 year olds was revealed as being the highest, with the age bracket coming out on top for those wanting to be on a company board one day.

WeAreTheCity asked: Do you understand the pay gap and its implications?

Of those questioned a shocking 66 per cent said they do not understand the gender pay gap and what it means to them.

You can find out more information about the gender pay gay in our guide here.

WeAreTheCity asked: When considering a career move, what is most important to you?

Overall 38 per cent of respondents said career progression is their number one factor for choosing to move jobs, followed by flexibility (31 per cent), salary increase (24 per cent) and benefits (seven per cent).

Career progression was selected mostly by 31-39 year olds, followed closely by the 25-30 age bracket.

The majority of young people aged 18-24 said their main factor for moving jobs was the benefits offered, whereas 46+ employees said their main factor was flexibility. Salary increase was mostly selected by 25-30 years.

WeAreTheCity asked: Who is helping you to achieve your career goals?

When asked, who is helping you to achieve your career goals, overall the majority of respondents claimed it to be themselves driving their own career development (43 per cent).

This was followed by 38 per cent of all respondents claiming they are not currently focused on their career at the moment. Only 11 per cent said their company is invested in their career progression and eight per cent said a mentor/sponsor/network is supporting them outside of their own organisation

When broken down in to age groups the majority of 31-39 year olds said they feel like they are driving their own careers, whereas 25-30 years olds claim their companies are helping them to invest in their careers. The majority of 18-24 year olds admitted that they are not focused on accelerating their careers at the moment.

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