Get Involved: YoungMinds Parents Helpline

The Parents Helpline offers free and confidential advice for any adult worried about the mental health or behaviour of a child or young person.

YM_Primary_logo_YGCalls may concern severe anxiety, eating disorders, panic attacks, attempted suicide, depression and self-harming. 80% of callers to the service are women; these mums, aunts and grandmothers are desperately worried and need help. Callers feel that they can’t talk to anyone, feeling guilty, stressed and isolated by the problems their children are facing and themselves alongside them. However they do not have to be alone.

The helpline offers callers information, support and practical advice on how to help their child. For those callers who need more help, we offer a further 50 minute consultation with a child and adolescent mental health professional; an easy way for isolated mums to get professional advice.

“My 15 year old daughter had indicated she was suicidal.   I was in the system waiting for her to be assessed.  The GP was unable to advise.  A few days later I received a call back from a Psychiatrist at YoungMinds, which was literally a life saver. 1 week later, my daughter took an overdose and I was able to respond appropriately.”

This service is vital, 96% of callers saw positive changes as a result of taking our advice and in many cases the service is a lifesaver. Yet despite this, and despite meeting and exceeding targets, the Department of Education funding is unlikely to continue from March 2015 due to government budget cuts.

There is no back-up. Closure will leave thousands of parents and families feeling isolated, fearful and desperate that the mental health problems experienced by their children will result in more family heartache, unfulfilled potential and even suicide. But you can save this service.PH Save badge FINAL od

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“Our 12 year old daughter started to self-harm and quickly disappeared into a darkness of depression, we were confused and lost.  We tried the normal GP, CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service), etc. but she still slipped deeper away from us.  YoungMinds Parents Helpline gave us the support and lifeline we needed so desperately.  Now 4 years on our 16 year old is back in education and starting her life again.” – Mum

Contact Sharon Coleman at 0207 089 5050 or [email protected] if you would like further information on how to get involved and support YoungMinds.

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