Your guide to a successful 2016: Kick start your body

Fitness2016 is here and so is another January full of New Year’s resolutions, positive thinking and a chance to finally get that fresh start you’ve been hoping for. Our 2016 body guide will motivate you to stick to that diet and fitness regime and get the body that you’ve always wanted!

Fitness and Dieting Articles

New Year, New You | Penny Whitelock

Research for Channel 4 TV found that 54% of women rarely feel proud of their appearance, 56% of men are often upset by their looks and 70.2% of women and 41.5% of men feel pressure from magazines and television to have a perfect body. It is little wonder that one in five people start a new diet every month…

How to get the body you want in 2016

Today’s article is all about making New Year’s fitness resolutions that will last! All too often, we wake up feeling worse for wear on the 1st January and set goals that are entirely unrealistic…

Five amazing workouts for working women

Although we all know just how beneficial an active lifestyle can be – it’s worth recognising that many of us live a busy and chaotic life – filled with family tasks, work and other considerations to keep in mind. Staying physically active can help to reduce your chance of suffering from ailments and illnesses…

Fitness Videos

Fitness should never be boring. Bored with your fitness routine? Not sure that you are doing the right workout to achieve your fitness goals? Are you getting aches and pains? Click the videos below to find out how the Fitness Whisperer can help your workout this year.

Introducing the “Fitness Whisperer” at DaleyFitness

The ‘Gut Buster’ | The Fitness Whisperer Video Blog

Advice from our bloggers

Five top tips to tighten that tummy!

Is your waistband feeling a little tight for comfort? DO you lack the time and motivation to something about it but can’t bear the thought of having to go up another clothes size? Why not incorporate some abs work into your daily routine…

Read more Julie Dennis’s advice here

Three ways to banish cellulite for good!

Want to know some top tips to get rid of cellulite? Don’t we all! The key is the lifestyle choices you make every day…

Sarah May’s Love Your Skin and Body blog has lots more hints and tips and you find it here.

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