Your guide to a successful 2016: Kick start your career

jobs2016 is here and so is another January full of New Year’s resolutions, positive thinking and a chance to finally get that fresh start you’ve been hoping for. Our 2016 career guide will push you in the right direction so that new role or career change is within reach!

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Can you enjoy your job more and be even more successful?

Professional career coach, Charlotte Billington gives her top tips on tweaking your current job or business to align it more to your strengths, values and interests. This can lead to more work satisfaction and, ultimately, success…

How to boost your employability by learning a language

It’s fairly obvious that foreign language skills are a desirable feature on anyone’s CV, but do they actually make you any more employable? In an increasingly global world, where business, trade and knowledge transfer have few boundaries, the answer is an unequivocal yes…

Staying motivated in your job search

While gender diversity has been a trending topic for some time, there has never been more support for women in the workplace than there is today. While there is still a long way to go, businesses are truly committed to making equality at work a reality…

How to increase your value, be recognised an move to next level in your company…

Firstly, everyone has an invisible sign above their head, which says, “Recognise me and make me feel important”, whether you are an office junior or a CEO. I want you to increase your value, improve your confidence, raise your self-esteem and through your results ultimately promote yourself to the next level in your company…

Careers Advice from our Bloggers

Boost your personal presence | Less speed, more grace and ease

Do you barrel from one thing to another at work? Finish one meeting or call and then jump straight into or onto the next? How about when you arrive at a meeting? Do you like to get their early and settle in, suss out the terrain as it were – or do you clatter in and wished you had a couple of minutes to gather yourself?

Read more of Kay White’s advice in her exclusive blog here

A square peg in a round hole….why fitting in matters

Feeling like you don’t fit in or you’re a ‘square peg in a round hole’ has huge implications for your ultimate happiness and success. I want to introduce you to some psychological theory so that you can better understand the impact of your feelings and, more importantly, ensure you do everything possible to ensure you are happy and successful…

Read more of Lindsay Taylor’s tips and advice here

Rudeness at Work: It is contagious

It will come as no surprise to readers who have to endure rude bosses or company owners. Their rude behaviour is contagious within an organisation. A significant research paper – where over 6000 people were surveyed (not the usual ’50 people were asked’) revealed that rudeness, particularly with senior staff, has a negative effect within an organisation…

Read Susan Heaton-Wright’s Superstar Communicator blog here

Careers Club CircleCareers Club

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Our Careers Club is a great support tool that will really help you to gain and enhance the core skills you need to drive your career forward.

By joining Careers Club, you will build on existing skills, enable you to connect with like-minded women, and access a whole host of resources, including monthly skills webinars with leading experts and Q&A’s with our amazing female leaders.

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