Are women better investors than men? | Warwick Business School

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All wannabe stock market titans should take note; women are better at investing.

Analysis of 2,800 investors found that not only did the female investors outperform the FTSE 100 over the last three years but they also outshone their male counterparts.

While annual returns on investments for men were on average a marginal 0.14 per cent above the performance of the FTSE 100, annual returns on the investment portfolios held by women were 1.94 per cent above it. This means returns for women investing outperformed men by 1.8 per cent.

The analysis was carried out by Neil Stewart, Professor of Behavioural Science, which compared male and female investors through Barclays and their trading behaviour over a 36-month period. This looked at a range of criteria, including the type of investments held, age, trading frequency and the amount of money invested.

While there were significant differences between the genders – women, for example, only traded nine times a year on average, compared to 13 times for men – the biggest difference, and the one that impacted their returns, came in their appetite for the type of stocks they invested in.


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