About us

WeAreTheCity is an integral and trusted part of the ecosystem working towards gender balance in the UK. We bring together Government, Companies, Charities, Not for Profits, Schools and Academia to generate content and activities that hugely benefit the careers of 1’000’s of working women.

Founded in 2008 to help women progress and excel in their careers, WeAreTheCity operates a group of brands that delivers events, conferences and awards. Through these activities we create opportunities for women to upskill and network across the globe.

WeAreTheCity.com also provides free access to resources every single day, including careers advice, a directory of women’s networks, events, inspiring interviews, podcasts, webinars, videos, articles, research and recommendations for women to drive their careers forward.

WeAreTheCity offers a suite of products and services to help companies attract, develop and retain their female talent.

Products and services

Rising Stars

The Rising Star Awards are the first to focus on the UK’s female talent pipeline below director-level and to support its winners through ongoing learning and networking opportunities, long after the award’s process has concluded.

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Gender Networks

Gender Networks has a membership of over 95 cross-sector organisations and brings together gender employee network leaders, chairs, co-chairs and D&I leads from a broad range of industries and sectors. 

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In 2021 WeAreTheCity launched their first ever trailblazer list celebrating incredible role models in Gender Equality.

The listing recognised men and women who are having a significant impact in Gender Equality, shining a positive light on the tireless efforts of 50 incredible individuals and teams.

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In 2023 WeAreTheCity and HSBC published the Thrive20 list which celebrates incredible female entrepreneurs with purpose led businesses.

The Thrive20 is more than just a celebration of female entrepreneurship; it is a testament to the power of purpose in the world of business. The entrepreneurs who receive this recognition demonstrate that it’s possible to excel in your field while making a meaningful difference in the world. By acknowledging their achievements, we encourage others across the business ecosystem to follow in their footsteps, fostering equity, diversity and innovation.

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Pioneer 20

In 2023 WeAreTheCity and Visa proudly published the Visa Everywhere Pioneer 20 list which celebrates incredible refugee women across Europe.

We are delighted to announce the inaugural Visa Everywhere Pioneer 20 list. Each of the incredible women are dispelling stigmas and stereotypes. They are also campaigning, changing lives, and challenging narratives to empower both women and girls. We would like to congratulate all of those on the list for being such role models in their respective communities.

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What makes us different than similiar organisations

We are not a media company, we are a purpose-led business. It is an integral part of our business model to pay it forward and give back to the community in whatever way we can. Our supporters’ sponsorship goes way beyond just sponsoring our events, awards or other initiatives. With their funding, we are also able to run quarterly events, support schools and provide free resources, free tickets to our events, and opportunities to women in business. Here are some examples of how our sponsors have helped us to support our community over the past few years.


conference tickets gifted to students, returners and women out of work


donated to charities and social enterprises


paid to diverse female-led businesses for their products and services


of all physical conference exhibition space given to social enterprises supporting women in tech


schools supported through promotion of mentorship programmes/sourcing mentors/speakers through our community

Who we work with

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and CSR are at the heart of everything we do

We pay it forward with your sponsorship, gifting tickets to returners, those out of work, students and to those studying tech through charities and NGO’s.

We gift 30% of our exhibition space to not-for-profit organisations/charities, opening doors of opportunity for them to engage with our community and meet our sponsors.

Representation matters to our community, and it matters to us. The speakers at our events, the judges for our awards and who we represent editorially across our web pages reflect all aspects of diversity. We take particular care in ensuring everyone feels included and represented, be it at our events, awards or across our websites and socials. This isn’t new for us, it has been this way for fourteen years.

Lack of finance should never be a barrier for learning. Our conference ticket price is typically 40% below the market average for a similar type of event. We also gift a considerable amount of tickets for our events away using our partnerships with social enterprises, charities, not-for-profit organisations and schools. Tickets for our awards ceremony are also discounted and free tickets given to those in lower paid roles, sole traders and those working for charities or the public sector.

We are one of a very few events companies who pay our speakers for their expertise. Most offer exposure as a way of payment. We know that exposure doesn’t pay the bills. Your sponsorship not only enables us to deliver exceptional events, it helps us to pump much needed funding back in to the eco-system of diverse female-led businesses and sole traders.









WeAreTechWomen.com provides free resources like its parent brand, including careers advice, interviews, podcasts, webinars, research and job opportunities, as well as training and volunteering opportunities to help shape the next gen of female technologists.

Interested in sponsoring our conference, awards or events?

WeAreTheCity currently work with over 150 corporate organisations.

Over the past 14 years, through our various services, we have been able to help our partners to attract, retain and develop their female talent. We have also been able to raise awareness of their organisation’s brand to our community of over 125,000 working women across the UK.

For sponsorship enquiries or to join our forums, please contact us on [email protected]