Inspirational Woman: Sara Hamou | Partner, MEDOVIE

Sara HamouSara Hamou is Partner at MEDOVIE, a new skincare brand, backed by science that provides long-term solutions to skin conditions.

After a decade of extensive research, MEDOVIE developed the patented and unique 3HX™ formula that is capable of supporting a healthy cell production inside and out for long-lasting skin health.

Tell us a bit about yourself, background and your current role

I am an entrepreneur with a legal background and have a passion for championing start-ups. Following the foundation of the successful tea company, Chew, I was inspired to join forces with skincare specialist Nadav Shraibom, to form MEDOVIE, a natural skincare brand, deep rooted in traditional Chinese herbalism. As a Partner at MEDOVIE,  I have high hopes for it being a success. In fact, our vision is for Medovie to be the number one company in the world providing safe, effective, natural products that are here for the long term, our products and consultations providing relief and transforming lives of those with painful, problematic skin.

Did you ever sit down and plan your career?

No, I am not a planner. I’ve always wanted to make a difference., to work with a product or provide a service that will make a change or a difference to people and their lives.

Have you faced any challenges along the way?

Many. Working with people and making them understand my vision. Combatting scepticism, finding the right people to work with, people that are prepared to go the extra mile.

When you work on your own, it’s hard to motivate yourself, hard to prove yourself and overcome criticism and persuade people that your ideas are going to be a success. This can be one of the biggest challenges.

What has been your biggest achievement to date?

My biggest achievement to date has been forming MEDOVIE – a company that is truly there for its customers. It is amazing what we have achieved. To be available to customers 24/7 and to provide a treatment for people with serious skin conditions that really work. It really feels like a great achievement for us.

What one thing do you believe has been a major factor in you achieving success? 

I don’t like negativity. Negativity limits people and prevents them from going forwards. People prefer to limit themselves rather than pushing themselves to go forward. That frustrates me and makes me want to achieve more. I don’t accept everything I am told. I like to break rules and make a difference. I believe the more I push, the greater my success. I hate to think there isn’t a solution to something

How do you feel about mentoring? Have you mentored anyone or are you someone’s mentee?

I’m too young to be a mentee. But make sure that everyone that works with me is given resources and tools to succeed. I give freedom to explore and trust for people to find their own language, to make them grow as an individual.

If you could change one thing to accelerate the pace of change for Gender Equality, what would it be?

I think you need to go back in time to try and enforce better education systems, to enable people of all backgrounds, and from all countries the right to free and good education.

If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self what would it be?

Do as much as you possibly can, take more risks, don’t be scared of failing, don’t worry about any time limitations to get to where you want to be.

What is your next challenge and what are you hoping to achieve in the future?

My next challenge is to see MEDOVIE as the number 1 natural skin company, for people to find a solution in our products that will help them long term with their chronic skin complaints.

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