Christina Blacklaws | CEO, Blacklaws Consulting, Former President of The Law Society

Christina BlacklawsChristina Blacklaws is a lawyer committed to social justice and women’s empowerment.

As President of the Law Society of England and Wales, she led the largest ever global research and campaign in women in leadership in law. This work engaged tens of thousands of lawyers as activists for women’s equity and inclusion and resulted in a UK government-backed ‘Women in Law Pledge’ which has ensured significant systemic change in the legal world. Christina continues to work for gender equity through training, supporting, mentoring as well as sitting on the International Bar Association’s Women Lawyers Advisory Board and the editorial board of ‘Legal Women’. Christina’s portfolio also includes chairing UK government bodies such as LawtechUK and the Judicial Pensions Board and the human rights charity, Civil Liberties Trust. Christina speaks globally about diversity and inclusion issues and technology and innovation and has contributed to numerous books on each of those subjects.’

What one action would you like to see organisations, or the government take to drive gender equity?

I would like to see governments across the globe ensure that women have genuine legal equality. By this I mean that women in every country should have the same legal rights as men, that should include the ability to determine issues relating to their own bodies. Rights need to be enforceable so that requires legal support and access to justice and governments need to play their part in ensuring that institutions and businesses are held accountable for progressing gender equality.


It’s a big ask, but one which would have a profoundly positive impact on every human being.


On a smaller scale, I would like all law firms and legal businesses to sign up to the Women In Law pledge. It’s all about transparency and accountability and ensures that the leaders of the organisation are publicly responsible for putting in place and supporting a range of proven measures which genuinely shift the dial for women in law.