Dr Nancy Doyle | Chief Research Officer & Founder, Genius Within

Dr Nancy DoyleDr Nancy Doyle is a Registered Occupational Psychologist and the CEO of Genius Within CIC, a non-profit who specialize in neurodiversity inclusion at work. Genius Within works with thousands of businesses each year, many in tech and finance, exploring inclusion at the individual and company wide levels, advising on the legal, human and relational aspects of inclusion. Nancy was the driving force and lead presenter for Employable Me/The Employables, a now worldwide documentary on the BBC/A&E exploring the hidden talents of individuals with autism, Tourette Syndrome and a wide range of disabilities. Nancy undertakes many voluntary advisory committee roles, including with the British Psychological Society, UK government bodies and international labor events and is a leading researcher in neurodiversity, a Fellow of the University of London (Birkbeck).

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Trailblazer 50 2021 featuredWhy we believe Nancy is a trailblazer

For championing neurodiversity at work across hundreds of organisations and elevating the stories of women with neurodiverse abilities.