Inez Murray | CEO, Financial Alliance for Women

Photograph of Inez Murray

Inez Murray is the CEO of the Financial Alliance for Women, a trade association of financial services providers driving women’s wealth creation worldwide.

Its 90+ member institutions work in 135 countries to build innovative, comprehensive programs delivering women the tools—access to capital, information, education and markets—they need to succeed. Membership in the Alliance provides member institutions with a unique platform for peer learning, giving them the resources they in turn need to serve women customers well. Along with building member banks’ capacity, the Alliance uses its collective voice to advocate for greater awareness of women’s vital economic role as consumers, investors and job-creating entrepreneurs.

Prior to joining the Financial Alliance For Women, she was Executive Vice President at Women’s World Banking responsible for Women’s World Banking’s Programs and Advisory Practice.

An accomplished writer and speaker, she has 20+ years experience educating diverse audiences about women’s financial needs and making the business case for serving them.


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