Taban Shoresh | Founder and CEO, Lotus Flower

Taban Shoresh

Former child genocide survivor Taban Shoresh is founder and CEO of the Lotus Flower, which supports conflict survivors in Kurdistan, northern Iraq.

To date, the charity has reached more than 60,000 vulnerable women, girls and community members at its centres through educational classes, livelihoods and skills training, mental health support, awareness of women’s rights and gender-based violence, plus peacebuilding and human rights activities.

Taban is heavily involved in refugee-led initiatives on the international stage through the Global Refugee Forum, and she is a member of Girls Not Brides, the Action Network for Forced Displacement and ICVA MENA Women Leadership Network. Taban is also an Ambassador for One Young World and has spoken at various global summits in this capacity.

What one action would you like to see organisations, or the government take to drive gender equity?

Include more women leaders at decision-making levels.