VIDEO: Authentic Personal Branding | Jaz Broughton

Taking an inside-out approach to being intentional with a personal brand is a powerful career shift; both inside an organisation, in the industry and online.

Standing out for all the right reasons starts from within. Outcomes include:

  • Understanding what a personal brand is and isn’t
  • Exploring online and offline applications of personal brand
  • Exploring values as a foundation for effective personal brand
  • Creating an action plan for starting and continuing to build an impactful personal brand

About Jaz

Jaz Broughton is on a mission to work with 10,000 high-achievers to grow their careers, commit to their dreams and create a limitless career without over-whelm or compromise. Jaz is passionate about helping people and processes grow to their full phenomenal potential. She is a certified life coach, podcast host, and community manager for Mixpanel, an analytics company used by 30% of The Fortune 100.