VIDEO: Identify what career success means to you & achieve it | Nicola Clemmit

This is a 60-minute video, written for women professionals.

The purpose of the recorded workshop is to help you gain clarity in your personal drivers to provide confidence in future career decisions. The content of this workshop is a combination of thought provoking information, a practical exercise and questions that will focus you to clarify;

  • Where you are in your career now
  • Key drivers for your career decisions (your own drivers, not those imposed on you by others)
  • How to take clear action to achieve your own definition of career success

Nicola Clemmit

About Nicola

Nicola is a Career Success Coach with a mission to support professional women in creating their own definition of success and make that definition a reality in their career. Nicola works with clients to create career success which impacts what is meaningful to them, where they love what they do and where they are proud and have confidence in how they do it. Seeing too many incredible women doubt themselves, feel lost and lack clarity in the value they offer is the reason why Nicola’s coaching is designed how it is, to help women find their way to Maya Angelou’s definition of success – liking who you are, liking what you do and liking how you do it. Nicola would add to this, liking WHY you do it. Nicola will take you on a journey to be crystal clear on who you are and what success is for you, and reclaiming the confidence to get there.