VIDEO: Networking like a pro and how to improve your visibility | Mary McGuire

How good are you at networking? 

  • Do you get into a cold-sweat at the thought of having to explain what you do to senior leaders?
  • Do you hope that your work will be recognised if you work hard enough?
  • Have you seen others recognised for work you have done?
  • All of these are symptoms of not networking.
  • As a professional in a connected world, you need to be comfortable with networking and sharing your unique skills in a confident and concise way.

In this session we will cover:

  • Why networking is essential to your career
  • Personal brand – what do you stand for?
  • Your elevator pitch – make it memorable
  • Define your USPs – what makes you you!
  • Networking in a virtual world


About Mary:

Mary McGuireIt’s taken 30 years of leading successful organisational transformation for Mary to be able to distil her learning into focused, relevant and engaging material for women on the edge of a career breakthrough.

Using her skills and expertise, gained through working with global corporations and high performing executives, she has distilled her learning into easily applied techniques and processes summarised in her second book The Female Edge. She firmly believes that women can find authentic success without compromising their values or ideals.

Helping women to find success in their career has become Mary’s deep passion and she has created several programmes to help women to find their authentic path to success.

In addition to being a published author, a Chartered Fellow of CIPD (UK) and holding an MSc and MBA, Mary is a regular contributor to performance management, a visiting lecturer and has qualifications in Emotional Intelligence Assessment (UK) and Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). She lives in Oxfordshire with her loving partner, Joy, and when she is not writing, coaching and advising, will be found in a corner reading a book.