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Looking back at 2018: our top career advice articles

In the third and final installments of looking back at 2018, we delve into our favourite and inspiring career advice articles of the year. WeAreTheCity prides itself on having the answers you need to take the next step in your career. Our careers advice section offers the latest and most relevant tips on networking, legal...
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How to harness the Christmas feel-good factor for year-round career success

Uevolve career coach Lucinda Harlow reveals the secret of using your ‘anchors’… ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year…’ The twinkly lights come out and we are transported into a land heavy laden with snow.  Jolly carol singers spread good cheer amid steaming mulled wine. Happy families snuggle down to play games. Stockings hang...
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Updating your CV with digital skills

Almost every job nowadays involves some level of digital competency, so acquiring even a basic level of these skills is absolutely essential. Age is no barrier to learning new digital skills, so if you think they’re only for the young, think again. With women having to work until they’re 67 you’re pretty much guaranteed to...
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Why video skills are important in 2018

The job market today is changing faster than it ever has done with new digital and communication platforms emerging every day. This is the age of visual media with today’s young absorbing information by watching instead of the traditional reading. Remote working is becoming more prevalent as public transport becomes more and more challenging. You...
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Plan your career backwards

C.S. Lewis said: “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” Many successful women believe that having an eye on the ending is vital if young women are to take the right decisions at the start of their working lives and reach their real...
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How to rise through the ranks

When I started out in my career over a decade ago I soon realised I have a deep passion for problem-solving and finding innovative solutions. I love removing barriers in a situation so that creativity can flourish. I believe this is important in business. As such I have spent the last seven and a half...
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Mums Enterprise featured

From Career Woman to Working Mum | Mums Enterprise

  This is the first initiative launched as part of Mums Enterprise’s new ‘Happiness Project’ launched as part of Maternal Mental Health Awareness week. This is a campaign dedicated to supporting a happier nation. The thought provoking and sensitive report has been collated drawing on this insight of over 1,000 mums across the UK and...
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How to negotiate | Penny deValk

In this article I look at how and why women and men negotiate differently and its’ consequences, drawing together some best practice negotiation skills for women to consider. Men initiate negotiations 2-9 times more often than women. Research also shows that when negotiating, women set less aggressive goals than men, make more modest first offers,...
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