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WeAreTheCity join hundreds of business leaders urging the government to boost female entrepreneurship

WeAreTheCity has joined hundreds of business leaders and MPs urging the government to boost female entrepreneurship in the UK. Over 200 leaders, entrepreneurs, MPs and academics have joined The Telegraph’s Women Mean Business campaign, signing an open letter calling on the government to encourage more women entrepreneurs. Currently, one in then women in the UK...
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Hundreds of seats are ‘reserved’ by men at Westminster

Hundreds of seats are effectively ‘reserved’ by men at Westminster, according to new research. According to research conducted by Electoral Reform Society, gender equality in Parliament is being held back by Westminster’s voting system. Figures show that although there is near gender parity among current MPs first elected in 2015, 170 seats are being held...
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Female MPs outnumber men in House of Common’s sexual harassment debate

Female MPs attending the House of Common’s sexual harassment debate outnumber their male colleagues. MPs gathered in the Commons on Monday as Cabinet minister Andrea Leadsom unveiled plans to offer more support for victims of misconduct, while Common’s Speaker John Bercow called for a new complaints procedure. Leadsom told MPs that they must “put their...
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Today marks 50 years since the 1967 Abortion Act

Today marks 50 years since 1967 Abortion Act was passed, allowing women to terminate a pregnancy in certain circumstances. It permitted women to end a pregnancy in England, Wales and Scotland, but was never applied in Northern Ireland. To mark the anniversary, the Women’s Equality party on Thursday held a demonstration to “fight for reproductive...
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Government ministers reject all six proposals to help parliament’s female representation

Government ministers have rejected all six proposals put forward to help give Parliament equal female representation. The government has rejected proposals to set a target of 45 per cent for representation of women in Parliament; to introduce a minimum proportion of female parliamentary candidates in general elections for each political party; to introduce fines for...
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House of Commons will be more diverse than ever

The House of Commons is set to become more diverse than ever, the results from the General Election have revealed. As well as record numbers of women in Parliament, there are also more ethnic minority, disabled and LGBT MPs than ever before. The number of black, Asian and ethnic minority MPs has risen by ten,...
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MPs will debate workplace dress codes in Parliament

Members of Parliament will debate the discriminatory workplace dress codes in Parliament, in less than two weeks time. An online petition, which is calling for the government to make it illegal for companies to require women to wear high heels at work, will be discussed by MPs. The petition, launched by receptionist Nicola Thorp, reached...
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Female politicians suffer widespread sexual harassment and violence

Female politicians across the globe suffer from widespread sexual harassment and violence, according to a new study. The study, conducted by the Inter-Parliamentary Union, found that a troubling level of MPs had experience psychological, sexual and physical violence. The study was based on in-depth interviews with 55 MPs from across 39 countries covering five regions...
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