“We are making progress”, says BBC director but men still dominate the BBC’s top salaries list

Men are still dominating the BBC’s top salaries list, with the top 12 earners slots all taken by men. Gary Lineker is now top of the list, overtaking Chris Evans as the highest paid person at the BBC. Lineker is reported to have earnt between £1.75m to £1.76m in 2017-18. Claudia Winkleman is still the...
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Woman on a ladder searching

How can women progress up the finance career ladder?

In April 2017, the Financial Times published a report which tracked the career trajectories of women in financial services roles. By gathering data from 50 of the world’s biggest banks, asset managers, professional service firms and insurers, the report revealed that whilst there are plenty of women working in junior roles, only one in four...
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How far we’ve come…

As we celebrate the 100th year anniversary of the Suffragettes, as a woman and working mother, I applaud how far we have come. 100 years later, you can’t open a newspaper or scroll through social media without women speaking up, no longer afraid to have a voice. In this past year, we have seen the...
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