Ruth Kudzi
sad, stressed woman suffering burnout featured

How to deal with burnout

We hear more and more about people burning out and the language itself can conjure up some dramatic images and episodes. People imagine that burnout is something dramatic, the collapse on the bathroom floor or the breakdown on public transport that shows that actually you are close to the edge. But often it manifests itself...
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How to get a good work life balance (F)

Can we truly have it all? Achieving a work-life balance

I am going to start this with the fact that balance is a myth. As we change and evolve and test different ways of working (and living) we get into our groove but the idea we can have it all is frankly exhausting. What is the alternative? In this article I talk about who you...
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Is This It featured

Recommended Read: Is This It? The Smart Woman’s Guide to Finding Work You Love | Ruth Kudzi

Have you ever stayed in a job that you don’t love because you aren’t sure what else to do? You go through the motions every day but you aren’t fulfilled and are starting to wonder “is this it?” is this how I am going to live the rest of my life? Ruth’s book (and the...
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