woman-creating-video-marketingMi Elfverson, Founder of The Vlog Academy and Eye Storm talks us through why video matters and what a business can gain from starting a vlog.

Business vlogging: the most powerful online marketing tool you can have. But sometimes it feels a bit like asking your grandmother to do a rap. Bit of fun, but not for her age group. it’s just for the young ones.

Luckily the perception is finally changing. We’re finally talking about business vlogging as a serious marketing tool.

I’ve been working with video marketing for nearly 30 years and I love this medium. I’ve become used to being in front of the camera too, running my own business and walking my own talk, creating video content for my own marketing. But I know it’s not easy for someone who’s never created a video before or has no idea what to talk about.

Here’s the good news: the simpler you keep it, the better it is!

Think about all the young YouTubers who have grown to become super stars in no time, with millions of subscribers. They’re often sitting in their bedroom, using nothing more than a smartphone.

Of course, as a business, you might want to step away from the bedroom, but a fundamental lesson we can learn from these YouTubers, is that people like watching other people, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s about what you say, not always about your surroundings.

The reason why video is so powerful, is two-fold. The first aspect is the human brain. We simply love video. It’s effortless but efficient. The brain perceives images 60,000 times quicker than the written word. We love colour. We love watching people. Movement. Then there’s music. And we can top it off with graphic design and animations. Video contains so much more information than plain written text, it’s like a firework for the brain.

The second aspect is the algorithms. Social media and Google love video. So, when you post a video instead of a written post, you content is on the express way to your audience and get placed at the top of their feed.

Google owns YouTube, so everything you do on YouTube will be noticed by Google. When you do a search in Google, there will always be a couple of YouTube videos at the top of the search, this is very easy way to rank higher if your competitors aren’t doing video yet.

So, what’s the difference between a video and a vlog?

Well a vlog, a video blog, is a video instead of a written text. But just like a blog, a videoblog is a bit more personal than just an ordinary video, it’s usually more inspiring or informative. It’s more personable, even if it’s about your brand – which is another reason for its power. We get to meet a person, we hopefully resonate with them, this creates credibility and trust, and this increases the buying rate.

This is why it’s so important for the person in front of the camera to feel relaxed and authentic. But wait, how do we get away from feeling like a bunny in the headlights?

My first and most important advice is to remain yourself. Stay true to your authentic self, because people read through anything else.

When you talk, just talk to one person. Not the whole world. Make it the person you want to be your client. Your Avatar. The most likely and best buyer of yours. When you resonate with that one person, you’ll resonate with a lot of people. Not all, but it’s better to have a smaller, engaged audience than a massive audience that is disconnected.

Of course, when you know your content, you’ll come across much more confident. Stick to your point, keep it short, don’t start waffling about anything outside your topic.

Don’t over-script your talk but prepare your beginning and end. This will anchor your talk and you will look confident all the way.

When people see you sharing your knowledge, expertise and inspiring content, they will start recognising you and appreciate your support. You can’t just go out there and sell to them, they will shut off. But when you share emotive content, success stories and valuable ideas, you will hook your audience and they’ll want more.

The consistency in your videos will enhance your brand recognition and allow your viewers to easier understand your products and services. It’s often easier to watch a video than read a manual.

Go out there, show up, share your knowledge. Inspire your audience and give them ideas that can support them and recognise you as the go-to expert in your field.

Video is a wonderful way of connecting and engaging your audience and it will make sure they want to stay tuned.

Mi ElfversonAbout the author

Mi Elfverson is a business vlog expert and the founder of The Vlog Academy, supporting thousands of people to communicate better on video, get more confident in front of the camera and connect on a deeper level with a larger audience.

Educated at Stockholm Film School, New York Film Academy and New York University, Mi has 25 year’s experience in high-end international film and video production.  From Stockholm to LA, New York to London, Mi has worked as a production manager and casting director with global brands and renowned Hollywood films, ranging from Kellogg’s adverts to James Bond films.

Mi launched The Vlog Academy to share her expertise with business owners and organisations, helping them to increase their online visibility and communicate with confidence via video.  She soon saw that women needed their own support platform as they had different questions, different fears and different needs.  This prompted her to launch Eye Storm, an online programme, teaching women how to use smartphone video to become more visible online and be seen as the go-to expert in their field.

As a director and vlog coach, Mi’s forte is to calm the nerves of people who have never been in front of the camera, to make them feel relaxed and more conversational, and be able to resonate on a deeper level with their audience.

The Vlog Academy: http://www.vlogacademy.com/

Eye Storm: https://www.eyestorm.org.uk/about-eye-storm/

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