This one easy wellbeing trick could stop you from falling behind your male counterpart in business

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Try this surprising wellbeing hack to help you advance in business and your career!

Want to stay ahead at work? According to new research, ensuring you get good quality sleep at night could be your invisible superpower, as it has been found to have a significant effect on how you show up at work the next day. Researchers found that women who recorded good quality sleep reported positive intentions towards achievements at work around their career advancement the next day. But interestingly, the same link was not found in men, even though there was no difference in the sleep quality between men and women.

Researchers also found that having a bad night’s sleep created an opposite, negative effect on career intentions – with women who slept badly reporting decreased intentions to strive for more responsibility and status at work.

The researchers believe that this link is related to mood and that when women have good rest at night, they wake up feeling more positive which then translates into this discovery of greater daily intention to pursue promotion, responsibility, or simply better results at work after a good night’s sleep.

Getting consistently good quality sleep could therefore result in feeling consistently positive towards your career advancement at work on a daily basis, and if these intentions are followed resolutely, you have more chance of getting to where you want to go in your career.

Want to get better quality sleep and reap these psychological benefits for yourself? Try mindfulness-based meditations, which have been found to reduce sleep disturbances and the daytime impairments that a bad night’s sleep causes. You might also want to lace up your trainers and grab a towel – research found that being less sedentary during the daytime and including moderate to vigorous physical activity helped improve sleep quality in middle-aged women.

Ali Roff FarrarAbout the author

Ali Roff Farrar is a wellness writer, yoga teacher, and mindfulness expert. She is passionate about combining the western sciences of psychology, neuroscience, and coaching with the Eastern philosophies of meditation, mindfulness, and yoga, to cultivate true wellness of body and mind. Her first book ‘The Wellfulness Project‘ (Aster, £16.99) was published in 2020,

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