How to look our best on video calls

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By Sue Carroll, Founder and CEO of Beaty and Skincare Destination, Young LDN

While most of us over the past months have been battling with furlough or just keeping sane, plastic surgeons have been extremely busy either with aesthetic injections or surgery due to the dreaded Zoom camera. 

So, what can we do to look as good as we can on a Zoom call without resorting to pulling the curtains or pretending our cameras won’t connect?

Start off by pretending you are going to work and get dressed (at least your upper body). Remember, you will look and feel your best in an outfit that gives you confidence.

Make sure your hair is clean and styled and if not, tie it up. The bed-head look does not look good on camera and the problem is, if you try to fix it during the meeting it will only draw far more attention to it.

Put on some make-up and focus on what the other viewers are going to look at. Your eyes are the most important and by this, I mean the eyebrows, too.  Buy an eyebrow pencil and shape and shade them in and perhaps help define them with a highlighter. Put on some mascara as this will help to make your eyes pop.  Your eyes are also the first thing people see when you wear a mask, so perhaps invest in a few new products that will help to brighten your under eyes and reduce puffiness.

The camera will pick up on shine, so you may want to wear some powder to help give you a nice matte look. Grab the bronzer and sweep it over the lower cheek bones, jaw and hairline. You will immediately look a lot healthier and Zoom ready.

Chapped lips are never a good look, so whether you’re a lipstick girl or prefer a simple lip balm, it is always good to highlight these areas, especially if you’re going to be speaking or presenting.

Working on Zoom can be tiring, so set up near a window that you’re able to look out of. This also gives you the benefits of natural lighting, which will be far kinder to your skin than harsh electric lighting. Don’t forget your sunscreen as UV light can still damage the skin even though you are indoors.  Perhaps buy a tinted sunscreen which will also act as make-up and make your skin look more revitalised.

Finally, play around with your camera angle so that it is positioned to accentuate your best features.  Just like when taking a selfie, it is best to have it at eye level or above, but never below.

If all else fails, remember Zoom has a beauty filter you can turn on for a little extra help. Now, turn on “Join a meeting” and start to dazzle!

About the author

Sue CarrollSue Carroll set up a unique beauty and wellness destination called Young LDN, nestled in the heart of Notting Hill in December 2018.

Sue’s ‘lightbulb’ moment was after spending months and months taking her teenage son to various different dermatologists and skincare specialists for his hormonal acne, failing to find a place that was in the middle of somewhere being ‘young’, but also being able to give teens the advice they needed on how to look after their skin. This led to her idea to create one of the fastest growing beauty concepts on the market, with fashion designer and British actress; Sadie Frost being at the forefront of their campaigns. Fast forward a year, and the success of Young LDN has enabled Sue to launch a Pop-up in House of Fraser, Oxford Circus, which brings together the best in class aestheticians, treatments, technology and products which the brand has become renowned for.

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