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Close-up image of female hands open or close laptop on white table, work-life balance, working from home

6 red flags that you need better WFH boundaries

Whether you love it or hate it, working from home has become the new norm in 2020 for thousands of people all across the country. The upsides? Working in comfies, working from bed, doing yoga on your lunch break and giving your pet cuddles. But the downsides? It’s possible that your manager may use the...
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The Girls' Network logo

Calling all professional women from Asian, Black and Middle Eastern backgrounds! The Girls’ Network needs your help

Calling all professional women from Asian, Black and Middle Eastern backgrounds! The Girls’ Network needs your help. Are you… Able to relate well to others? Good at working through problems? Committed and reliable? Able to provide insight from your personal experiences? Mentoring is a great way to show a teenage girl that you believe in...
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being a successful virtual leader, video call, working from home

How to recreate water cooler moments in a virtual working environment

Katya Linossi, CEO, ClearPeople Casual interactions are a natural way to connect with friends, family and colleagues, this is especially true when in an office environment. Whether it’s grabbing a coffee in the kitchen first thing, or throwing around concepts over the office water cooler, some of the most creative business ideas have come from...
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Linda Plant featured

Inspirational Woman: Linda Plant | BBC The Apprentice Interviewer & Founder, The Linda Plant Academy

Linda has built her career from humble beginnings to become one of Britain’s most successful business leaders. She is now helping others to forge their own career and business path too, with her Linda Plant Business Academy and her personally written Business Blueprint Course. After leaving school aged 15, Linda progressed quickly from selling fashion...
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Inspirational Woman: Leanne Tritton | Founder & Managing Director, ING Media

Leanne has over 30 years communications and business experience, and has worked in Australia, the USA and the UK. She founded ING in 1999 and has led the agency to a leadership position in understanding how the built environment drives economic health and prosperity. She advises and mentors chief executives and senior directors, and as...
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Linkedin featured

How to make your LinkedIn profile stand out in the Covid job market, according to an expert

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform focused on keeping everyone connected in their different sectors. When used correctly, LinkedIn can provide you with different options to network with your industry. There are many things you can do to increase the visibility of your profile. It can be all the difference between a recruiter quickly glancing...
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sad woman looking out of the window, grief, bereavement

How to maintain your employee’s wellbeing, virtually during the lockdown

With the current climate being unpredictable and non-discriminating, it is important to give stability and reassurance to employees to help guide them through this period in time. Isolated working and a reduction of social activity is almost guaranteed to be detrimental to the mental wellbeing of employees, the key is a healthy balance of work...
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young woman working from home, using her laptop on the floor

Why it’s essential to make time for your career development now – what to focus on

At this time of uncertainty, it’s easy to batten down the hatches and focus on what we believe is absolutely necessary. However, if you have a job and want to progress your career, now is when it is absolutely necessary to do this. Why? If you don’t focus on your career now the danger is...
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downtime at Christmas, self-care featured

Micro-dose on self-care this festive season

Suffering from Christmas overwhelm? You’re not alone. While it can often make for the best of times, it can also make for some of the most stressful ones too – leaving many of us feeling down, overworked and frankly, exhausted, it can take its toll on our mental as well as our physical health too....
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Attractive Young Woman with Red Hair Working from Home - Female Entrepreneur Sitting on Bed with Laptop Computer, Paperwork and Checking Cell Phone from Comfort of Home

Supporting staff during the pre-Christmas lockdown

In the midst of another lockdown in the run up to Christmas, now more than ever it’s vital that employers are tuned in to how their employees are coping. Symptoms of stress can appear physically, behaviourally, or cognitively via a noticeable dip in performance, but it can be hard to identify the signs, particularly from...
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Inspirational Woman: Joanne Al Samarae | Founder, Magpie & Co

After graduating in the arts, I began a career as a journalist, writing for Martha Stewart Weddings before moving to Forbes Middle East. While I was there, I wrote about travel, luxury and lifestyle and got to interview amazing people, like Bollywood legend Shah Rukh Khan and fashion designer Reem Acra. During that time, I...
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woman shaking hands, job interview, strengths, personal impact

Interviewing using a positive mindset

Article provided by Hannah Nash Everybody knows that interviews can be intimidating! The key to interviewing successfully is being confident and knowing what you want to tell people. I think it’s important to learn the skills required to ace an interview. Whenever I work with someone to help them prepare for an interview, I always...
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