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How to prepare your business for applying for credit

It’s true that women are less likely to take loans but this is changing, and we are seeing more and more amazing ladies growing their businesses and reaching out for funding. Over the last year I’ve seen more start-up loan applications from women than ever before. We have some incredible businesses run by women who...
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Young Thai Melayu female freelancer wearing hijab work using a laptop on wooden table in coffee shop. Modern woman life style.

Staying productive: Work-from-home tips for lockdown

Your coffee table is now your desk and your conference calls are being interrupted by pets, children and Amazon deliveries. But if you’re finding it difficult to stay focused whilst away from the office, it might be time to rethink your work from home strategy. So, these five handy work-from-home tips will help you get...
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Care worker giving an old lady her dinner in her home

Fawcett Society call for increase in pay for care workers

The Fawcett Society is calling for an increase in social care workers’ wages across the board, with the Real Living Wage as a minimum. According to a survey, conducted by The Fawcett Society, the public overwhelming wants carers to be better paid and better valued, with 72 per cent of people believing that care workers...
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Inspirational Woman: Heidi McCormack | Co-Founder & CEO, Emerald Life

Heidi McCormack is CEO and co-founder of Emerald Life, the first insurance company ensuring equality for all, particularly women and the LGBT+ community. In 2019, Heidi was named Diversity & Inclusion in Insurance Leader and was a Top 50 Executive Ally for the fourth year in OUTstanding & Yahoo Finance awards. A former executive at...
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Older business man and woman on laptop, supporting older workers

Gender, ethnicity…age? Why age diversity is the last taboo

Some of the most talented leaders in our company were frustrated. In their late 30s and 40s, they felt they had earned a seat at the top table. They were right – and they were ready for it. But there were just eight spots on our executive committee, most of which were occupied by equally...
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Teamwork- Future Leaders Blog

How expeditions are shaping tomorrow’s leaders

By Honor Wilson-Fletcher, CEO of British Exploring Society Resilience, courage, grit and the ability to foster a sense of community. All qualities sought after in the workplace and for our leaders, but not easily learnt in a training course or from a TED talk. So how can we gain these skills and put them into...
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tired woman sleeping at her desk featured

What is lack of sleep costing you?

Busy professionals experience pressures that impede their ability to obtain optimal amounts of sleep; working according to shift patterns, working across different time zones simultaneously, and international travel are all common causes of sleep loss. In addition, the use of hand-held technologies at night, the ever-increasing pressure to perform (perhaps more importantly, the pressure to...
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Inspirational Woman: Gill Kernick | Master Consultant, JMJ Associates

Gill Kernick designs and delivers bespoke change programs for large complex organisations and works as a strategic partner with C-suite clients. She is passionate about developing leadership capabilities and culture and believes that the voice and tacit knowledge of the front line are strategic cornerstones for the prevention of accidents.  A champion of diversity in...
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team holding hands, mental health featured

Signs that a company culture may not be all it is cracked up to be

As a teenager I worked for a while in a factory making refrigerators. My workmates snuck away for as many breaks as possible and prayed for the clock to move more quickly towards the end of the shift. There was not much sense of engagement or meaning present, just a sullen resignation that work was...
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Mental health featured

Mental health and the workplace – serious business

Article provided by Sarah Alonze, Director, Babel PR According to the World Health Organisation, one in four people globally will be affected by a mental or neurological disorder at some point in their lives. This means that, of the 7.7 billion people that populate this place we call Earth, almost two billion of us will...
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Female student studying-thumbnail

Five ways online learning can help advance your career

Article provided by Stephen Somerville, Managing Director, Government and Employer Partnerships, FutureLearn Thinking of a career change this year? Online learning can help you secure that promotion or step into a new career to help you achieve your professional goals. Below we outline some of the big reasons to get stuck into an online course:...
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woman being made redundant, redundancy, leaving a job featured

How to cope with redundancy

Article by Andy Salkeld Redundancy is a pretty scary word. Sadly, far too many of us are far too familiar with the term. I have friends who have been made redundant. I have family who have been made redundant. I myself have been made redundant. Redundancy and termination are different though. Both sound awful. Redundancy...
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