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diverse woman working from home on sofa

The humane guide to managing and being in a remote team (and how to survive being in one)

Article by Avril Millar Having worked for most of 10 years from home, only intermittently popping into client offices, I have some prior experience of what everyone else is having to cope with now. It’s safe to say, however, that I’ve not had to live almost entirely on Zoom calls or Google Meet, and I’ve...
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Mum juggling childcare and working from home

How to use transparency and acceptance as your superpowers to tackle overwhelm

Article by Jane Muston, Mental Health Clinician & Clinical Director at Vita Health Group. Make no mistake, the mental and physical benefits of children being back at school cannot be understated. However, this year navigating a new Covid-dictated school routine has added another layer of anxiety to an already uncertain and somewhat fragile time. Our research...
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Confidence at work

How to portray confidence when confidence doesn’t come naturally

No matter who you are or what you want to achieve, confidence is key. I know that for many working professionals – and especially women – confidence doesn’t always come that naturally. But there are things you can do to exude the sort of confidence that will open doors for you, and the real thing...
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Attractive Young Woman with Red Hair Working from Home - Female Entrepreneur Sitting on Bed with Laptop Computer, Paperwork and Checking Cell Phone from Comfort of Home

Adapting to part-time working

Louise Deverell-Smith, Founder of Daisy Chain In just a few weeks the coronavirus pandemic turned the working world on its head. All but essential workers were effectively forced to work from home as businesses pivoted to remote working. And, with restrictions and falling consumer confidence knocking demand, certain sectors have been operating at reduced capacity,...
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Employee Care Programme - Parental Choice

Parental Choice launch Employee Care programme dedicated to supporting employees within SMEs

Parental Choice have launched an Employee Care programme, dedicated to supporting employees within SMEs. Parental Choice’s corporate programmes have always had employees’ wellbeing at its heart, with a focus on working parents. When Sarah-Jane Butler, founder of Parental Choice, won the WeAreTheCity’s Rising Star Champion award in 2019, she was determined to continue making a...
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Inspirational Woman: Avril Millar | Business, executive & personal mentor

Originally a Civil Engineer, I taught Physics and Maths for several years before starting a Wealth Planning business in 1986. After my exit in 2007, I became CEO of a global headhunting firm, managing its turnaround after the 2008 crisis. Since 2009, I have held several simultaneous advisory, Non-Exec and Executive roles across various sectors,...
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Could you be putting candidates off with poor job descriptions?

How to write an inclusive job description

Article by Lucy Evans, Executive Recruitment Consultant at Heat Recruitment The first step in attracting a new candidate to your company is to capture attention by posting a job advert – something which many people consider a relatively straightforward task. However, that’s not always the case. The information you provide about the job and the...
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female leader, emotional resilience

Three strategies for women to reach a leadership position | Warwick Business School

Research in 2005 found that 30 per cent of Fortune 500 CEOs were 6ft 2in tall, even though only 3.9 per cent of the US population was. Another study discovered that deep voices led to better pay. ‘Think leader, think male’ is a persistent mindset, which remains a key stumbling block for women looking to...
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Jo Darling featured

Inspirational Woman: Jo Darling | Natural Health Practitioner & Co-Founder, Menopoised

I’m an Acupuncturist, specialising in women’s health. I mostly help women with their hormones, from period issues, fertility and menopause to cancer support and helping them through their treatment and beyond. I haven’t always been an Acupuncturist. I came to natural health via a degree in Economics, a money broking job in the city, marketing...
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Menopause in the workplace

Article provided by Wellbeing of Women What is the menopause? The menopause is a natural part of ageing for women that usually occurs between 45 and 55 years of age, with the average age being 51 in the UK. The menopause is defined by the lack of a period for 12 months or more. Periods...
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Beth Blood featured

Inspirational Woman: Beth Blood | Founder & CEO, On the Edge Conservation

Beth Blood is an environmentalist, advocate for better understanding of biodiversity and, a champion for wildlife conservation. Beth holds a BA in Economics from La Trobe University in Melbourne. She moved to the UK in 2011, where she obtained a Masters degree in International Strategy and Diplomacy from the London School of Economics. In addition...
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How to keep fit at home while staying on top of your game

Staying fit and healthy is more important now than ever, but it requires consistency and a lot of work. Consciously making the effort to maintain your wellbeing can be daunting, especially when you’re juggling family life, work and social commitments. This year, people are increasingly preferring home workouts over hitting the gym. In fact, according...
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