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Leading in a time of disruption: courageous leadership attributes for now

You may know about the acronym ‘VUCA’ that the US military coined in the 1980s to describe the unnerving and unstable period at the end of the Cold War.  Standing for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous, the term passed into business use and appeared to characterise well the constant instability particularly around the finance crash...
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Coronavirus: 10 things to do differently when working from home

Thousands of businesses across the UK are beginning to implement working from home policies in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, in efforts to slow the development of the virus and protect their employees. The Advanced Workplace Institute (AWI), part of Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA), has released a series of top tips which aims to share...
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Baroness Karren Brady featured

Baroness Karren Brady CBE shares her top tips for success in business

Karren Brady addresses the boardroom gender imbalance and her top tips to achieve an equal world.   Karren advises: “If you have passion, drive and an entrepreneurial spirit, being female shouldn’t prevent you from getting where you want to be, and sometimes we must have the determination not to let it.” This year, Karren launched...
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Gender pay gap reporting suspended following Coronavirus

The Government has announced that employers will not have to report their gender pay gap this year. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the Government Equalities Office (GEO) and the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) have taken the decision to suspend enforcement of the gender pay gap deadlines for this reporting year (2019/2020). The decision...
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Prioritise your mental well-being – this will be a long game

Article provided by Felicity Lerouge, Leadership Development Consultant and Founder, Phenomenal People Ltd. We have heard in the media, repeatedly, that the effects of COVID-19 on the world is unprecedented. We have all felt our survival instincts – flight, fight, freeze – kick in, to some degree, as illustrated by panic in the supermarkets (one...
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Top resources to keep your children entertained during Coronavirus

With each day that passes, the severity of the coronavirus outbreak  increases, as the issues extend beyond health concerns, impacting stock markets around the world and the way businesses operate. With schools closed for the foreseeable future and with many families self-isolating, it can be a worrying and stressful time for both adults and children...
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The Power of Exclusion: What it Takes to Get Her Ahead

By Rebecca Hourston, Managing Director, Talking Talent Gender inequality has never been a more pressing issue for British business. With topics such as the gender pay gap, and a lack of female leaders, dominating headlines, it is becoming ever-more apparent that women are being seriously under-represented at board level, and within leadership as a whole....
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Six in ten office workers believe coronavirus will relax remote working policies in the long run

Six out of ten office workers believe that coronavirus will help relax remote working policies in the long run, according to new research. The research, conducted by Glassdoor, found that sentiment towards working from home is widely very positive, with 76 per cent of those surveyed saying they support a mandate from their employer to...
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WeAreTheCity introduces WeAreVirtual – supporting you and your career development for FREE during challenging times

The COVID-19 virus has, and will no doubt continue to have a significant impact in terms of how we all continue to work. In the light of these challenges, we will have to adapt and innovate in order to find our new normal. This may mean working from home, eliminating travel, managing work and family...
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Don’t let the coronavirus disrupt your business

With each day that passes, the severity of the coronavirus outbreak (officially Covid-19) increases, as the issues extend beyond health concerns, impacting stock markets around the world and the way businesses operate. The Government has confirmed that workers will receive statutory sick pay from the first day off work, not the fourth, to help contain...
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flexible working, working from home featured

Five ways to overcome the challenges of flexible working

Over the past few years, it has been encouraging to witness the shift in attitudes towards flexible working. In 2018, the BBC published figures showing only 6% of UK workers had a 9-5 job, along with an acknowledgement on the part of employers that flexible working increased motivation, job satisfaction and the number of long-term...
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Tampon tax is to be abolished

The tampon tax is set to finally be abolished, as Rishi Sunak the Chancellor of the Exchequer announces his Budget. The change comes following the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. Previously, the laws made by the EU have meant Britain has been unable to scrap VAT on women’s sanitary products. The EU law...
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