How to survive a pandemic as an entrepreneur

Smiling young African entrepreneur standing in front of the counter of her cafe talking on a cellphone and using a tablet, single parent business ownerAs many of you will know, being an entrepreneur is a rollercoaster journey at the best of times. From having to juggle the work life balance to balancing the books and thinking of your next project.

Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart at the best of times, so what happens when not only do we have to be an entrepreneur but also survive a worldwide pandemic? Well I survived and I’m here to share a few of my strategies with you.

Don’t panic – I know it’s easier said than done but looking at your situation with a clear head is the best way forward. During the pandemic many things are out of our control, even down to leaving our homes at times. So, start to think about the things that you DO have control over. Like your mindset and routine. Regardless of what is going on around you, focus on what YOU need to do to to stay sane!

Allow yourself to be supported – Whether this is your family, friends, business acquaintances or online communities, make sure that you feel supported. There are so many online support networks…you shouldn’t be going through this alone. Connecting with similar people who are also business owners and entrepreneurs will help you to feel connected and part of something, being an entrepreneur can be very isolating!

Brainstorm your skills and be ready to adjust – It’s been incredible to see the rise in people becoming self-employed and from listening to my audience this has been brought on by the fact that so many people have realised that they have many other skill sets that the ones they are using most. Literally sit and write down all the skills and passions you have, these will be transferable and will open many opportunities for you once you acknowledge you have them!

Get online – At points, the online space was the only way we could connect and grow. Many business owners having to totally rethink their strategies and take their offline business online. Social media is FREE and one of the best marketing tools you could have. Think about the ways in which you could take yourself and your business online to meet your audience’s needs.

Educate yourself – Lack of knowledge is scary! Especially when you feel you have nowhere to turn. Making sure that you are up to date with the latest support for your business is imperative! If you’re not sure what support is available check out sites such as the FSB. Did you know that right now there a government scheme to help you pay for employees to increase your workflow? Exactly! The help is there you just have to find it!

Have a plan – As much as you can during a pandemic! Things are changing so rapidly it can be hard to start to think ahead but having a plan will keep you on track and focussed. Start small and don’t overwhelm yourself. Reward yourself when you hit a milestone. Knowing where you are going will help you stay focussed and motivated.

Ask for help – I know from personal experience that this can be hard BUT it’s important for YOU that you do. As much as we like to think as entrepreneurs, we can battle through anything alone, the truth is things are always easier when shared with someone else. So maybe your other half can’t help with your accounts but they can help with maybe cooking a nice meal. Maybe your friend can’t help you brainstorm but she can help with childcare whilst you plan world domination. Don’t try and be superhuman. Taking care of yourself should come before anything else including your business…because without YOU there is no business.

Listen to your audience – Everyone’s needs have changed. You will know this yourself as a consumer. At certain points ( if you’re a parent ) you may have been ordering tonnes more food (whilst you home-schooled the monsters ) or maybe indulged in a few more self-care treats as you couldn’t get to a beauty salon? Listen to your audience. If you already have a client base, ask how can you help? What do they need from you? It’s much easier to provide a product to a client rather than find a client for your product!

Learn from experience – Regardless of the result…if you have learnt something it was not a wasted experience! I’m a huge believer in everything happening for a reason. Somethings are really there to help us to learn about ourselves and others…so before you think why is this happening to me…think instead, what can I learn from this?

2020 may have been a bit of a wash out but 2021 is fast approaching and the power to succeed lies with you. Respond, don’t react and your halfway there!

About the author

Estelle KeeberEstelle Keeber is cofounder of the World’s fastest growing network for woman as well as being mum to 2 energetic boys. Since starting MIBA in June 2017 Estelle has helped thousands of women not only grow their business but develop personally too. Her latest venture, Immortal Monkey, will concentrate on providing support, training and opportunities to grow for all small businesses. 

She is a keynote speaker, #1 bestselling author, been featured in Forbes and been shortlisted for business and entrepreneurial awards. Sharing her journey through depression, food banks and domestic abuse as well as some fabulous Instagram tips…Estelle shows the world that anything is possible! 

Are you an entrepreneur or looking to start your own business? We’ve got hundreds of articles on learning entrepreneurial skills, how to become your own boss, marketing your products and managing your own team. You can find more of our entrepreneurial articles here.  

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