Charly Lester featured

Inspirational Woman: Charly Lester | Co-Founder, A League of Her Own

Charly Lester is the co-founder of A League of Her Own – an online learning platform and membership site for early stage female entrepreneurs and women with a business idea. She is the CEO and Founder of The Dating Awards, an international set of awards for the dating industry, and she is the former Global...
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Sarah Senior featured

Inspirational Woman: Sarah Senior | Managing Director, White Rabbit Creative

A talented entrepreneur with a passion for creative and the drive to get results, Sarah had an impressive track record in design and client account direction in food retail and brand management before making the leap from client-side to client services. This wide-ranging experience & expertise gives Sarah a unique insight and perspective into the...
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Jo Fleming featured

Confidence? You can fake it till you make it – as long as you’re authentic, says entrepreneur Jo Fleming

  Jo Fleming is an award-winning entrepreneur and innovator. She is MD and owner of two recruitment businesses which she set-up from scratch after quitting her job at one of the UK’s largest plcs. Recruitment specialist Jo Fleming really did feel like she had to fake it till she made it.  A single mum to...
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working mum on maternity leave featured

How to effectively manage your time as an entrepreneur and working mum

  Being an entrepreneur and a working mum are two full time jobs in themselves, so how can we better manage our time and succeed at both?! Ten years ago, I launched my wedding and event business, I am married with a seven-year-old son, and here are my top tips on effectively managing your time:...
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Brexit: How will it impact my online business?

Almost two years ago, when the outcome of the Brexit referendum was announced, any thoughts I’d had previously on how a ‘leave’ vote might impact me and my family personally began to pale into insignificance compared to how it would affect my professional life. After spending years ploughing every ounce of energy, time and money...
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