“Implementing the knowledge gained to my job role” – Nazia Qureshi | Warwick Business School

Nazia Qureshi

“The return on investment was immediate and I was able to start using the skills I learnt from day one.”

Former Executive Diploma participant, Nazia Qureshi, explains why she chose to study the Organisational Change Diploma and how she is able to implement the course content into her current role.

For the past decade I have worked within the Defence Industry on large complex programmes, to ensure performance goals are met. Continuous process improvement is vital, and learning from experience as the programme develops can strengthen the working relationships between suppliers and customers.

I have spent the past five years of my career focusing on implementing various projects relating to organisational change and supporting culture optimisation. Working in a challenging environment drives me to look at things differently and help make a difference. I began to question why a “simple change” to processes that would help individuals, were not received well at times. I wanted to understand how to motivate individuals at all level of the business. This led me to downloading a brochure on Organisational Change from the Warwick Business School (WBS) website. I was interested in learning about the impact of organisational change, and understand the behaviour of individuals and groups. Instead of getting disheartened, I wanted to be prepared to help people understand why making changes was important for a business to grow and excel.

A close friend and colleague of mine had previously recommended WBS and often mentioned the knowledge he had gained from a course he studied many years ago. I was hesitant about going back into education nearly 15 years since I sat in a lecture, and the thought of putting more pressure on myself whilst maintaining a full-time job put me off applying. As the Engineering Excellence Lead I was looking at ways to challenge myself personally and become a more rounded individual. When I discovered the Diploma was structured to fit around busy executives (four modules, each over four days) I decided to apply.


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