Inspirational Woman: Nicky Lawrenson | Golf Professional & Founder of WIGB

Nicky Lawrenson embarked upon her professional career following several years of competitive golf. In 2001 attained her PGA Diploma gaining 3rd position within Great Britain and Ireland. She furthered her coaching career at The Emirates Golf Club, Dubai, where she gained invaluable experience as a Senior Academy Instructor at the Peter Cowen Golf Academy. Following on from Dubai, Nicky moved to Spain as Academy Director of Roda Golf & Beach Resort. Since returning to the UK, Nicky has continued with her coaching and became the Director of Golf at Bowood Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort.

With over 20 years of coaching experience expanding across several continents, Nicky has also pursued her passion within the field of performance mindset and alongside her experience as a PGA Fellow Professional and TPI Level 3 instructor is a certified Master NLP Practitioner. Her passion for this area also led her to study various concepts within human performance. In 2011 Nicky was awarded Fellow status within the Professional Golfers Association.

Nicky has also gained great experience within various corporate golfing environments and noticed that a familiar pattern arose whilst working within this arena in that female participants were in the minority. A great passion grew within Nicky to ensure that businesswomen could fully embrace and capitalise on the benefits these environments can bring both from a professional relationship-building perspective as well as a personal & well-being perspective. From here, ‘Women in Golf & Business’ was born.

Women in Golf & Business aims to support, inspire and empower both newcomers to the game and seasoned golfers, enabling businesswomen to embrace the opportunities of the game with confidence, creating a more inclusive platform both on the golf course and in business. Unique golf, performance & well-being training programmes & retreats combine the guidance and skills of experienced golf professionals and executive coaches. Bespoke programmes can also be tailored to support organisational and company goals, values, vision or change agendas. The WIGB supportive online platform also provides an opportunity for a vibrant and like-minded community to connect whilst offering exclusive members benefits.

Did you ever sit down and plan your career?

From starting golf at the age of 12 I think I always had an idea from an early age I would be involved within the game from a career perspective. There was no finite plan beyond that as such. Within the world of professional golf, there are several opportunities to explore from a career perspective, ranging from competing on tour to coaching or operations. An opportunity arose during my early twenties which led me to complete my training as PGA Professional. This was the beginning of my career in coaching, which I have loved ever since. So as much as golf was at the heart of things from a young age with a general sense of either competing or coaching, I never envisaged where I am now with regards to developing Women in Golf & Business.

Have you faced any challenges along the way?

I have always felt very fortunate throughout my career with the opportunities it has given me. Particularly the opportunity to travel and welcome new experiences whilst working overseas. From a personal perspective, settling into a new country did come with its challenges, particularly for the first year or so, taking on a new role and adapting to new environments and cultures.

With regards to Women in Golf & Business I think one of the challenges has been to ensure the clarity of the message that whether you are completely new to the game and never picked up a golf club before or an established golfer, we would love you to join us, all abilities are extremely welcome! We want to break down any pre-conceived barriers and provide a supportive, welcoming, informative, fun and inclusive environment!

How did you persevere through the tough times?

The tough times have really helped me to focus on what’s important, why I do what I do and the strong desire to help make a positive difference. Having the support of some great people and a loving family around me also helps and puts a greater perspective on things.

I would also give a great deal of credit to running and physical activity, this has been a big lifeline and something that has had a hugely positive impact. I find it always brings greater clarity and a new perspective.

What has been your biggest achievement to date?

Publishing my book ‘Golf: More than Just a Swing – Linking Mind, Body, Technique & Instinct’ This has felt a very satisfying achievement after working on the development stages for several years, it was during the throws of lockdown that allowed everything to finally come together.

I was also extremely honoured to be nominated as a finalist in the Women & Girls Trailblazer category in this year’s England Golf Awards.

Bringing Women in Golf & Business to life has also been and continues to remain extremely rewarding, helping empower and support women.

What one thing do you believe has been a major factor in your achieving success?

From a personal perspective, I think an openness to explore new opportunities and cultures has enabled me to experience the roles I have enjoyed overseas. I lived in Nigeria for 4 years from the age of 6 and I believe this was the start of my curiosity in travel and other cultures. I enjoy embracing opportunities as they come along and always remain open to possibilities!

The foundations behind Women in Golf & Business are based on a very powerful and genuine desire to create a positive difference. This is a very supportive and inclusive platform for women. I think this passion is the rocket fuel that keeps it driving forward!

How do you feel about mentoring? Have you mentored anyone or are you someone’s mentee?

I am a firm believer in mentoring. During the early part of my career, I was extremely thankful for being surrounded by some very forward-thinking and inspiring mentors. They played a pivotal part and encouraged me to push beyond any pre-conceived boundaries. During my time in Dubai, I was also very fortunate to have a great mentor, recognised as one of the most respected golf coaches worldwide and someone who has always been very willing to share their time and knowledge. Having people around you that can provide encouragement, support and guidance. When needed, a positive nudge in the right direction can be hugely beneficial. There is an aspect of mentoring within my coaching. This is something I love, whether clients gain more enjoyment from their golf or gain greater confidence in themselves. It’s one of the most fulfilling elements of what I feel lucky enough to do.

If you could change one thing to accelerate the pace of change for Gender Parity, what would it be?

I am hugely passionate about levelling the playing field for women both in the worlds of sports and business. I think breaking the old paradigms and traditions is so important. Education and creating a positive environment for young girls, accessibility, support and role models are a key part of the process.

If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Trust yourself more, doubt yourself less and have more fun!

What is your next challenge and what are you hoping to achieve in the future?

At Women in Golf & Business, we are passionate about creating a positive shift in female participation within the game and bringing all the positives it offers professionally and personally. We are looking forward to expanding our golf & well-being retreats both in the UK and overseas, as well as our unique training programmes for businesswomen and companies. We have a fantastic team of golf & executive coaches and training days can be tailored to the team and organisational goals and vision. Another key focus is expanding the online community; our online platform includes, amongst other elements, a business directory where women can connect. Whether this be from a business or golf perspective, or both. It also offers preferential rates to various golf courses, facilities and partners. Putting women in the driving seat to invite clients, guests and colleagues to enjoy a round of golf at some great venues across the UK other benefits include a members’ golf day, webinars, a like-minded community, support & professional guidance.

On a personal note, I would love to give the London marathon another go!

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