It’s learning at work week (LAWW)

Learning at Work Week in the UK typically takes place in May or June each year and this year it’s this week, the 15th of May until the 21st of May 2023.

Learning at Work Week (LAWW) is an annual event that takes place in the United Kingdom to promote and celebrate learning and development in the workplace. The event aims to encourage employees and employers to prioritise continuous learning and personal development as part of their professional growth.

During Learning at Work Week, organizations across the UK organise various activities and initiatives to engage their employees in learning opportunities. These activities can include workshops, training sessions, webinars, guest speakers, competitions, and other interactive events that promote learning and skill development.

The week-long event typically focuses on a specific theme related to workplace learning. The themes may vary each year and are designed to align with the current trends and needs of the workforce. The themes can cover a wide range of topics, including digital skills, leadership development, well-being, diversity and inclusion, and more.

Learning at Work Week or LAWW, provides an opportunity for employees to enhance their knowledge, gain new skills, and explore different areas of interest within their professional environment. It also encourages employers to invest in employee development and create a learning culture within their organisations.

What have you learnt at work this week?

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