Career Advancement
Key Benefits of Volunteering for Career Advancement and Business Opportunities! (F)

Key benefits of volunteering for career advancement and business opportunities

Volunteering is becoming a good way to develop new skills, boost your career and find business opportunities. Besides giving the satisfaction of helping others, volunteering could be the opportunity to develop new skills in a fun way. Most volunteering jobs are challenging, so this helps to gain new competences and develop leadership capabilities. Volunteering works...
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Career Comeback

Five opportunities for payroll professionals to raise their profile

Claire Treadwell, senior payroll product manager at Cascade HR speaks about how industry professionals can wow the wider business environment, in 2019… It’s what you know… It may be an age-old saying, but there’s a lot of truth in the phrase ‘knowledge is power’. In a seemingly volatile business environment – being continually rocked with...
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Five ways online learning can help advance your career

Article provided by Stephen Somerville, Managing Director, Government and Employer Partnerships, FutureLearn Thinking of a career change this year? Online learning can help you secure that promotion or step into a new career to help you achieve your professional goals. Below we outline some of the big reasons to get stuck into an online course:...
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AllBright Academy featured

Looking to gain skills and network? Apply for a place at the AllBright Academy

Supporting women throughout their career journey is at the heart of what we do at AllBright. Our Academy programme, taking place over ten weeks and encompassing two courses, is designed to help women gain the skills, confidence and network needed to achieve their goals. The Academy courses are aimed at aspiring, early-stage female founders as...
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Slow career advancement, less pay rises and fewer promotions are still obstacles for women

Slow career advancement, less pay rises and fewer promotions are still obstacles for women in corporate America, according to a new report. The research, conducted by McKinsey and LeanIn.org, found that while women account for 47 per cent of entry-level roles, they make up only a third of senior managers and a fifth of c-suite...
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The top five skills that you should perfect in order to get ahead in your career

By Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library Our recent research found that nearly three quarters (73.9%) of recruiters believe that candidates should still list basic skills, such as Microsoft Office, on their CV. And while these hard skills are clearly important, recruiters are also acknowledging the importance of soft skills amongst job hunters,...
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Pathways to power

What is power? And why do we want it? The lack of clarity over these two simple questions is the source of many imposter syndromes, mid-life crises, and dreams deferred. We tend to think of power in terms of wealth, social status, and titles. The unquestionable desirability of external sources of power has been marketed...
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