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How to help employees return to work easily and effectively

Article provided by Melissa Sergeant, Managing Director, Bishopsgate Financial Returning to work can be one of the most daunting tasks for people, particularly following time out of an organisation for parenting or family commitments. However, there are a number of ways that employers can help smooth the process and allow returners to re-enter the workforce...
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Women Who Want to Improve Their Job Interview Game

Interview tips – what are your potential employers looking for in 2019?

Interviews are notoriously nerve-racking. It’s incredibly stressful preparing endless answers to all manner of possible questions in our minds, and worrying about what we’re going to be judged on. So how do we prepare for a successful interview? The last thing you need is to turn up burnt-out. The following will help you to arrive...
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How to know if you’ve made the right hire

No business sets out to make a bad hire. However, between the first application and the last interview, it’s extraordinarily easy to make a mistake. Whether interactions with Candidates start to shift the original requirements or you have so much on your plate that you rush through the process, it’s not uncommon for managers to...
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How to create the best maternity leave for employees

Jaime Johnson is the founder and Director of leading employee research consultancy, The Survey Initiative. Here she explains how to effectively manage maternity leave. We’ve all heard the disastrous stories about going on maternity leave with very few women sharing positive tales. I started-up my own employee research consultancy, The Survey Initiative, which enabled me,...
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Christmas party featured

An employer to an employer | The do’s and don’ts of the Christmas party

When you think of Christmas, what are the first things that you think of? Family, pigs in blankets and enjoyable gifts, or rowdy-Christmas parties that always end in disaster? Here is some of the best advice that you can have when it comes to hosting a Christmas party, with some tips from great business leaders....
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XYZ supporting Borne Charity featured

Walking into a new job pregnant & the unexpected response from my employer

Article provided by Sophie Billi-Hardwick, XYZ Did you know that three-quarters of pregnant women and new mothers experience discrimination at work, with one in nine losing their jobs? This appeared in a government-backed report by the Equality and Human Rights Commission in 2016.  Once I’d got over this shocking revelation, it really dawned on me...
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Mental health featured

Be proactive, not reactive | How women can work with their employer to get better mental health support

By Liz Walker, HR Director, Unum UK Mental health problems affect both men and women but not always in equal measure. In fact, Unum UK’s claims experience suggests younger women are more likely to claim sickness absence from work for mental health reasons than male counterparts. Without the correct support, working conditions and environment, mental...
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What you need to know when employing your first nanny

A good nanny can be a great asset to working families. The peace of mind that your child is being given undivided one-on-one attention while you are at work is a strong factor in choosing this more costly form of childcare over others. Apart from the individual attention your little one will receive, there are...
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