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Advice for setting up a small business

In the UK, the idea of setting up your own business is greatly appealing. Surveys have found the seven out of 10 of us have pondered with the idea, while four out of five 16-21-years-olds would like to be their own boss. In 2017, there were 5.7 million private sector businesses, representing a four per...
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new years resolutions featured

Four New Year Resolutions to make for your small business

With the New Year festivities already a distant memory, you may be looking at your list of resolutions to see which ones you’re likely to keep for the year ahead – and which have already fallen by the wayside. But if you’ve already failed with your new gym regime or with your attempt to complete...
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Government Funding Available Now For Your England Based Small Business | Life of a Lady

Find what funding schemes for which you qualify. I make no excuse for pasting this information from a government website because I know many savvy business women who are unaware of these opportunities. And I am sure the funders will look particularly kindly on women who want some business financial help. Click here. Choose from...
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Lauren Riley-The LinkApp

Lauren Riley talks to WATC about raising funds and crowd funding

Hi, I’m Lauren Riley, you may have read about me before as I was lucky enough to have been named as a WATC inspirational woman in 2014. I am a lawyer, business owner, public speaker, blogger and a former BBC Apprentice candidate. I blog regularly so really could go on a bit… but I will...
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4 ways to generate great content for your newsletters

You’re a busy small business owner and you’re strapped for time. You know you need to communicate with your customers regularly, and you know newsletters are the best way to do this. But, how can you easily gather great content for your newsletters without spending too much time thinking about it? Here are four things...
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