The authentic founder – how to stay true to your values | Warwick Business School

Warwick Business School Core InsightsBy Deniz Ucbasaran

“As a general rule, I would not touch a corporate… I would just sell my soul.”

So said the founder of a communications agency specialising in the charity sector and built on his ethical, environmental and social justice agenda.

Staying authentic to their values is often important for entrepreneurs. Indeed, our comms entrepreneur had even turned down business from two charities that didn’t fit his values.

Being authentic can be as important as making a profit. The inability to develop a coherent, positive sense of self as a founder can adversely affect entrepreneurs’ motivation and wellbeing and, eventually, could contribute to the demise of their venture.

But as a business grows it becomes increasingly difficult to hold onto such values and for the company to remain authentic to the founder’s ideals.


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