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Top tips for working from home

We speak to two successful entrepreneurs to get their top tips for staying focused and achieving your goals, whilst working from home. Karen Brown, owner of The Original Wedding Tea Towel Company shares some inputs on the best ways to work from home. Karen says, “I am a work-from-home mother and so is my husband.”...
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Lenka Lutonska Energetic Selling and Marketing featured

22/03/19: Where are all the female business leaders? | Lenka Lutonska

To launch her new book, Energetic Selling and Marketing, Lenka Lutonska will be holding an event to explore gender bias, challenge the preconceptions and blocks that women face and propose a radical rethink on how we teach women to become successful entrepreneurs. As one of Europe’s leading business coaches, Lenka is helping women to turn their passion for making...
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Women-led businesses are driving force of the UK economy

Women-led businesses contributed a sensational £27.3 billion in turnover to the UK economy over the course of 2018, a research report by ed-tech charity Founders4Schools shows. The report, which maps performance of
the fastest-growing women-led businesses across the UK, with a turnover of £1 million to £250 million, reveals that 44 per cent of women-led businesses...
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SMEs can be bad for mental health

Michelle Wright, founder and CEO of Cause4 As an entrepreneur of a small growing business I often get asked how I find the energy to do what’s needed. It’s not something I can answer easily and fundamentally it’s the wrong question.  As Cause4 is coming up to its tenth anniversary, having employed hundreds of staff...
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Control is how SME owners can thrive

Nikki Flanders, Chief Operating Officer, Opus Energy Running a business is no small feat. Often, one person is responsible for the business’ strategy and success – which can be a lot of pressure to bear. This can sometimes lead small business owners to go above and beyond as they strive to make the right call....
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Sharon Baker featured

Scaling new heights | Sharon Baker

By Sharon Baker, co-founder of adtech gurus, Mighty Social Scaling up business is a wonderful thing, it means greater opportunities, expanded horizons and, of course, a growing and thriving team. It is what my co-founder and I had always envisioned for our adtech company. What I was less prepared for was the conscious effort required...
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Mental health featured

Why managing mental health is a key entrepreneurial skill

It’s a well quoted statistic that one in four people suffer from mental health problems. I would hazard a guess that this may be even higher in fast-growing and owner-managed businesses. Which makes it a critical topic for entrepreneurs to think about, for themselves and the people they bring into their business. Why is this...
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How to attract new customers

How to attract new customers is the million dollar question that challenges every SME daily. What is it in each of our businesses that attracts the new ones is the ever shifting and changing question with often elusive answers. The first thing you have to understand is what you are selling, your product, your business...
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